Shakira’s Fans Are Singing Her Pique Diss-Song to ‘Homewrecker’ Clara Chia Marti on the Streets, Making Her Regret Ever Making Pique Cheat on Shakira

Celebrity gossip and overflowing tea are what make fans assemble on social media. With Shakira and BZRP’s new digital success through their new diss track, people are taking to social platforms to address it. Although the singer has been called out for her internalized misogyny due to her song, it is still charting because of the beef she shared through the lyrics. Addressing the lyrics to her ex-partner and his new girlfriend, the Colombian singer is making it to the 2023 global hit list. 

Shakira and Bizarrap
Shakira and Bizarrap launch new diss track

Although one side of the story is quite noteworthy and successful, the other side of it is messed up. After Shakira released her new song with Bizrrap on his YouTube channel, Gerard Piqué’s girlfriend Clara Chia Marti is feeling uncomfortable and being harassed on the streets. 

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Shakira’s diss song is creating chaos for Clara Chia Marti

Shakira and DJ Bizrrap have become the talk of every town since the release of their new song. With 173 million views since 12th January, the song has become a popular reference for shady ex. However, the song might be a great hit and a groundbreaking move for Shakira, but for Clara Chia Marti it’s a nightmare. 

Clara Chia Marti
Clara Chia Marti is being called the homewrecker after Shakira’s new song

Gerard Piqué‘s new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti is being reportedly harassed on the streets because of Shakira’s new diss song. Piqué and Chia Marti haven’t directly replied to the song, but the couple seems quite upset. The beef between Piqué’ and Shakira seems to affect Chia Marti for she is being called a homewrecker on the streets. 

Audiences are not quite sure, who the song was actually directed towards, whether it was Piqué or Clara Chia Marti. But somehow the focus seems to have shifted from Piqué to his girlfriend. 

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Despite the uncomfortable situation, Clara Chia Marti is trying to maintain ease 

Audiences are so engulfed by the lyrics of Shakira’s over three minutes song that, without thinking of any consequences they have been verbally attacking Piqué and Chia Marti. Media covering the news from all over the world has reported on how the young Spanish woman was humiliated publically after the release of the diss track. 

Shakira has been thanking her viewers and fans, while Clara Chia Marti is being humiliated in public because of the song lyrics. Days after the release of the song, Piqué, and Chia Marti stayed hidden from the crowd, however, no sooner did they come out than the public abuse started again. 

Clara Chia Marti
Clara Chia Marti is trying to maintain ease in public

The news covered in a podcast, the Mamarazzis’ of El Periodico, by Lorena Vazquez and Laura Fa, reported on the complicated situation of Clara Chia Marti. “They sing it to her in the street and everyone recognizes her” they reported. People have been singing the fragment of Shakira’s song “She has a good person’s name, clearly [a play on the name Clara] it’s not what it sounds like” to Chia Marti on the streets. 

Although the 23-year-old is handling the awkward situation with ease, there has been some uncomfortable situation witnessed by Piqué and Chia Marti on the streets. 

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Source: Marca 

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