Shakira’s Mother Adds to Her Woes as She Continues Sweet-Talking Pique, Asks Daughter to Get Back With Him Despite Shakira Telling Her to Not Talk to Media

Gerard Pique, the veteran Barcelona defender won the 2010 Fifa world cup, with Spain. The holy grail of the football fraternity, the tournament arguably was the ‘most prized possession’, he had acquired that year. Coming in close, if not ahead was his relationship with the Colombian pop star, Shakira.

Pique and Shakira
Shakira and Pique pose with the Spanish league trophy.

A global star admired by millions, Shakira and Pique were linked during the 2010 World Cup. The couple went on to have a decade-long relationship and had two kids together, Milan and Sasha. Their romance came to an end, in June when Pique was exposed to a ‘cheating scandal’ with a 22-year-old waitress. Pique assures having cut off all ties with the waitress and expressed his wish to reconcile with his ex(Shakira). The pop star however is bent on her decision and does not seem too willing to reconcile.

Shakira’s mother spoils the matter further

While Pique expresses his willingness to ‘reconcile’ the relationship. The 45-year-old Colombian star, Shakira according to reports, does not wish to get back with Pique. The couple is currently mired over the custody of their two children. Amidst the entire saga, Shakira’s mother  Nidia Ripol expressed her eagerness for the reconciliation between Shakira and the footballer. “Of course, I would like them to get back together,” Ripoll was reported saying when asked about that possibility by a reporter.

Shakira and her mother.
Shakira, with mother Nidia Carmen Ripoll.

I have no idea, we’ve not spoken about that,” Shakira’s mother said of the prospect of her daughter moving back to Miami. While Shakira stays put and avoids media interaction regarding the matter. Shakira’s mother seems to be making things worse for her daughter. However, it is acceptable behavior as a parent to wish for the happiness of one’s kid(s). Ripoll must realize it’s her daughter’s life and decision and her inclusion in the matter would not help in making things, any better.

What’s next for Shakira and Pique

While both the stars have contradictory decisions regarding their patch. While fans are divided over ideologies and criticize either party for their life choices and decisions. It remains to be seen whether the couple gets back together or ends things, altogether.

Sasha, Milan, Pique and Shakira.
Shakira and Pique, with their children. Sasha and Milan.

Meanwhile, Pique faces another low in life. With his football career seemingly going downhill. With posters of his being removed from the home stadium of his La Liga side, Barcelona, and transfer news of substitutes for his position in the team. An official statement confirming a breakup with Shakira would make Gerrard Pique, hit rock bottom.

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