Shakira’s Reportedly Putting Massive Roadblocks To Stop Pique From Reaching An Agreement Over Kids’ Custody As Legal Battle Turns Into Depp-Heard 2.0

It seems like singer Shakira and footballer Gerard Pique are still battling over custody of their children as Shakira sets more demands over their custody. The ex-couple recently met to reach a conclusion over the custody of their kids. The footballer reportedly left the meeting midway as Shakira set more demands during their meeting. Gerard Pique hoped to reach a conclusion after this meeting as they have been negotiating for months. The two are reportedly trying to avoid court. In June, Shakira and Gerard Pique announced that they are ending their 12-year-long relationship.

Gerard Pique is frustrated

Shakira and Gerard Pique
Shakira and Gerard Pique

Gerard Pique hoped to reach a conclusion after this meeting but Shakira is asking for more control over her kids which is stopping them from reaching an agreement. The footballer reportedly stood up and left the meeting after hearing Shakira’s never-ending demands. Reports say Shakira is making a list of times the footballer cheated on her throughout their relationship and she will use it against him if he decides to initiate a legal battle.

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The two are trying to avoid court

Shakira and Gerard Pique
The ex-couple is avoiding a legal battle

The two are trying to avoid a legal battle even though things are messy between them. Sources say they are avoiding going to trial at all costs. Naturally, the two will meet again to decide who gets custody of their children, Milan and Sasha. Shakira reportedly wants to move to Miami as soon as she gets custody of them while Gerard Pique wants them to continue living in their familiar surroundings in Barcelona.

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Shakira and Gerard Pique ended their relationship in June

Shakira and Gerard Pique with their Kids
Gerard Pique and Shakira’s relationship ended in June

The Colombian singer and the footballer officially announced in a joint statement in June that their 12-year-long relationship has come to an end. The reason behind their split was unclear initially but over the past few weeks, Gerard Pique’s infidelity that ended their relationship has come forward. Sources say Gerard Pique has been dating Clara Chia Marti, for almost a year now.

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Source: Marca

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