Shannon Lee’s Hilarious Recreations Of Classic Animal Cartoons As Humans

We have grown up watching Disney animal cartoons movies no matter how old we are right now! But an Australian artist Shannon Lee has decided to answer a question we have all wondered about these cartoons, especially the animals.

She is an extremely talented artist and she has created some human versions of these animal cartoons. In an interview, she shared what inspired her to be an artist. She revealed that when she was just 1 year old, she would watch her mom painting and would always want to join in! Her parents would tell her that the colors aren’t “child-safe” so they would give her a shaving foam and ask her to color roses growing outside!

We are thankful to her parents for always encouraging her and now we get to see some stunning art. Is your favorite classic animal cartoon covered by her?

1. Pumbaa – Lion King

Disney Cartoons
Pumbaa reimagined as a human


2. Marie – The Aristocats

Disney Cartoons
Marie reimagined as a little girl


3. Timon – Lion King

Disney Cartoons
Timon reimagined as human

4. Angel – Lilo, and Stitch

Disney Cartoons
Angel reimagined as a little girl


5.  Bambi

Disney Cartoons
Bambi as a human


6.  Lady and the Tramp

Disney Cartoons
Lady and the Tramp as humans


7. Scooby-Doo and Blue’s Clues


Scooby-Doo and Blue’s Clues solve mysteries together as humans


8. Sebastian – The Little Mermaid

Disney Cartoons
Sebastian reimagined as human


9.  Toulouse – The Aristocats

Toulouse as human


10. Koda – Brother Bear

Koda as human


11.  Vitani – The Lion King II


Vitani as human


12.  Shere Khan

Shere Khan as human


Shannon loves designing these characters and thinks of it as an exciting challenge! You can check out her work on her Instagram account: shannontuscanylee

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