Shazam 2 Star Jack Dylan Grazer Refused Co-Starring With Zendaya for $366M Movie: “And I am so glad about that”

Jack Dylan Grazer is the latest celebrity to reveal a role that he passed on playing in the past. The Shazam star is well-known for being a fantastic scene-stealer, no matter with whom he shares the screen. But, as good as he is, Shazam! becomes ‘The Jack Dylan Grazer Show’ whenever the IT star appears on the screen. Though he only played a supporting role in the plot, his charisma stems from his chemistry with every member of the cast. 

In a recent interview on Zach Sang Show, the 19-year-old actor revealed that he was originally supposed to appear on the hit series Euphoria but opted to do Shazam! Both Euphoria season one and Shazam! were released in 2019, and he was working on the superhero film when the series began production the previous year.

Jack Dylan Grazer
Jack Dylan Grazer

Shazam! was released at a time in DC Comics’ film history when the studio was focusing on producing dark and serious blockbusters, which turned out to be a delightful and amusing reprieve. But, given that he refused to co-star with Zendaya in this $366 million film, you may be wondering which role he was going to play.

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Which Role Was Jack Dylan Grazer ‌Supposed to Play In Euphoria?

Jack Dylan Grazer amassed a large and devoted fanbase after appearing in several beloved films. Many in his fandom were not only fans of his acting work, but also of the way he presented himself in interviews and on social media.

Since his initial rise to fame, much has been written about the young actor, both ‌in his personal and professional life. On his recent appearance on the Zach Sang Show, he focused on discussing past projects that he was unable to do.

Jack Dylan Grazer
Jack Dylan Grazer

When asked if there was a role he was supposed to play but had to turn down, he revealed that he was cast opposite Zendaya in Euphoria. “I was supposed to do Ashtray on Euphoria,” he explained. “I didn’t do it because I did Shazam, and I’m so glad about that.”

But he was also not sorry that he chose Shazam. I’m so glad because he [Ashtray] died, or didn’t he die? So I don’t want it,” the actor added. No character in Euphoria survives an episode without experiencing a new trauma, but Ashtray is more hardened than even Rue (played by Zendaya). 

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Who Played ‘Ashtray’ in Euphoria?

Euphoria’s second season has already featured more s*x, drugs, and violence than the first. Ashtray, one of the series’ most tragic and endearing characters, was caught in the middle of it all. He has gotten a little older since Season 1, but he still appears far too young to be a part of the Euphoria drug world. Who took on the role of Ashtray? And how old is he now?

Javon ‘Wanna’ Walton, who plays Ashtray on Euphoria, is currently a 16-year-old. It was his first major acting role. He got it when he was 12 years old and it wasn’t long before he was adding new projects to his resume.

Javon ‘Wanna’ Walton
Javon ‘Wanna’ Walton

He starred as Grant in the Amazon Original Series Utopia and also provided the voice of Pugsley Addams in The Addams Family 2.

Before becoming an actor, Walton was a boxing prodigy who won the Georgia state championship when he was only 11 years old. He was also the first person to hold both state gymnastics and swimming championships. 

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Source- Zach Sang Show

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