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SHAZAM! Movie Costume – The big Red Ballon


S.  The wisdom of Solomon

H. The strength of Hercules

A.  The stamina of Atlas

Z.  The Power of Zeus

A. The courage of Achilles

M. The speed of Mercury

SHAZAM debuted in 1939 and has been loved ever since. And it was pass time our boi Billy got a movie of his own! And it’s here.

SHAZAM is in the process of filming along with many other DC movies in Toronto!
Shazam Movie Shooting

Zachery Levi, the one half of the hero Shazam shares with us his Shazam movie costume.

>Here are the photos below

Zachery Levi in the Costume of Shazam

A 37 year old in such bright Red, he looks like a big ol’ balloon (I love red balloons, who doesn’t love balloons) and who couldn’t love it when the balloon is actually SHAZAM!

Costume of Zachery Levi as Shazam
The belt, the lightning bolt, the golden strip on his cape, I’d say he looks just like the New 52 comic SHAZAM.

All that’s missing is the LIGHTNING and the shiny gold effect.

Nothing a little Post Production can’t fix.

Shazam! will tell the story of Billy Batson (Asher Angel), a young Philly foster kid who is granted the power to become a mystical superhero, by an ancient sorcerer (Ron Cephas Jones)

Zachery Levi shooting for Shazam
So far, Asher Angel has yet to be seen, but you gotta admit, SHAZAM looks promising, not like the Bass Logic design (no offense to DC) but it looked waaaay better.

Let us hope there will be some amazing CGI done and a little magic added to the touch so that our boi SHAZY looks better.