“She didn’t follow anyone else’s career”: Pamela Anderson’s Ex-Boyfriend Praises Baywatch Star as Beauty With Brains

Pamela Anderson has emerged as one of the successful celebrities who gained attention by playing the beloved character of Casey Jean “C.J.” Parker in the Baywatch series. Not just that, working in a Playboy magazine gave her further stardom in the industry. Even though many recognize the star, not many are aware of her personal life which is why she released her docuseries and memoir to share her narrative.

Pamela Anderson
Canadian-American star, Pamela Anderson

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While her memoir and docuseries is garnering positive response from the fans, her former boyfriend, Mario Van Peebles has expressed his opinion on the model and her new work.

Mario Van Peebles is Happy With Pamela Anderson’s Latest Project

Mario Van Peebles
Mario Van Peebles

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The ex-boyfriend of the model, Mario Van Peebles opened up about being happy for the star which came amid the continuous positive feedback she has been receiving regarding her Netflix docuseries and memoir.

He shared with PageSix,

“I’m happy to see Pamela win on her own terms.”

He is happy with the fact that the actress decided to walk on the path she thought was best for her.

“She didn’t follow anyone else’s career, she made her own.” adding, “In Hollywood, the pretty people are in front of the camera and the smart ones behind it, Pamela is a bit of both.”

Though the director hasn’t watched Pamela Anderson‘s Netflix documentary series, Pamela, a love story yet, he has nothing but praise for the star.

“Pam is resilient, but she also has this charming vulnerability and ability to see herself in the play of life. And when she falls she gets back up with a laugh.”

The Mexican-American director has helped the Playboy star a lot during her difficult time. She has even revealed gushing over him in her memoir, Love, Pamela.

Pamela Anderson Revealed Having a Crush on Mario Van Peebles in Her Memoir

Mario Van Peebles and Pamela Anderson
Mario Van Peebles and Pamela Anderson

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The New Jack City director was romantically involved with the actress in the 1990s. In her memoir, the 55-year-old Baywatch star wrote about gushing over him. She wrote about having a “mad crush” on the former when she was offered a role as an extra on his show 21 Jump Street. She was dumbstruck when he asked her for dinner.

After moving out from Jon Peter’s Bel Air estate, she started spending more time with Peebles. In her memoir, she even explained her first time with the former stating they “made love for the first time in a field of long, soft grasses, as horses ran by dangerously close, almost trampling us.”

As per the memoir, the director even proposed to her however she thought of it as a joke. However, she realized later on that it could have been a real one!

Pamela Anderson’s docuseries, Pamela, a love story is streaming on Netflix meanwhile her memoir, Love, Pamela is available in bookstores.

Source: PageSix

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