“She effectively priced herself out of the event”: $700M Rich Indian Megastar Humiliated Jennifer Lopez For Blaming Him as The Reason Why She Lost Millions

Jennifer Lopez is undoubtedly one of the leading names in the Industry. The Maid in Manhattan star has, over the course of her career, cemented her position as one of the leading names in showbiz globally. But all that reputation did not prove to be of much help when she tried to strike a deal with the organizers of the most lucrative Cricket tournament in the world. Little did she know at the time that she would soon be left all embarrassed.

The big-ticket performer

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

One won’t be wrong to call Jennifer Lopez one of the most prolific big-ticket performers out there, having proved her worth by featuring in remarkable shows, including an iconic appearance with Shakira for the Super Bowl halftime.

Her natural flair has won the attention of many people, which has translated into her receiving numerous offers. One such proposal came from the organizers of the Indian Premier League, the most lucrative Cricket tournament in the world. It was a pity that a deal could not be worked out between the two parties.

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Jennifer Lopez couldn’t work out an arrangement to work with the organizers of the Indian Premier League

Jennifer Lopez couldn't strike a deal with IPL
Jennifer Lopez couldn’t strike a deal with IPL

The On The Floor singer and IPL couldn’t work out an arrangement acceptable to both parties. And it was all because of JLo’s exorbitant demands. The Jenny on the Block singer wanted a private plane and dozens of hotel rooms for her huge entourage, including her stylists, assistants and chef, a demand to which the organizers of the Indian Premier League did not bow down.

They proceeded with Pitbull, and the inaugural ceremony was a huge success. A source for the New York Post later said,

“She effectively priced herself out of the event. It was an idiotic move because the audience for this event is huge. It’s like the Super Bowl halftime show. Last year, it drew 56 million viewers.”

But that wasn’t the only fall for her.

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Jennifer Lopez humbled by Shah Rukh Khan’s Company

Shah Rukh Khan's company humbles Jennifer Lopez's undue claims
Jennifer Lopez and Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan

The 53-year-old was not at all pleased with the disclosure of this news. It was embarrassing for her, to say the least. And she blamed none other than Indian superstar, Shah Rukh Khan, owner of Red Chillies Entertainment, the company which was credited with the leak.

An official statement has been issued by Red Chillies, which reads:

“You will see some of the foreign tabloids point to an IPL official for the leak. The event management team at Red Chillies wouldn’t dare do that.”

Nonetheless, team JLo is absolutely livid, contending that the information was disclosed with the intention to harm her reputation, all while not admitting to making those demands.

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Source: Firstpost

Smriti Sneh
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