“She first started looking into sperm donors”: Cheryl Seeks Close Friend Simon Cowell’s Help to Have Another Child

English singer, Cheryl is a renowned personality who rose to prominence in late 2002 when she earned the spot of a girl group Girls Aloud. However, she was recognized more for her solo career and was even dubbed a “fashionista” by the press. She was recently in the limelight for dating One Direction alum, Liam Payne in early 2016. The duo welcomed their son Bear Grey Payne the following year.

English singer, Cheryl

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Though the duo separated in 2018, a recent report claimed that the TV personality after giving birth to her first child is now reportedly looking to adopt a child and has sought help from her close friend, Simon Cowell.

Cheryl is Keen on Expanding Her Family!

Girls Aloud Group Member, Cheryl
Girls Aloud Group Member, Cheryl

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Cheryl Ann Tweedy, popularly known as Cheryl has been vocal about having another child in her life after sharing a son Bear Grey Payne with ex-beau, Liam Payne. She has always stated about having a big family however her previous marriages never let her achieve that.

Now that she already has a child, she is again been active about having another one. An insider shared with Closer Magazine about the issue that delayed the process of the expansion of the singer’s family.

“The pandemic delayed everything for Cheryl. She felt the clock was already ticking when she first started looking into sperm donors and lining up appointments with specialists. Now she’s had to face the reality that she is getting older and that’s something she’s been getting her head around, which hasn’t been easy.

The insider added that the TV personality is keen on having another baby or a “football team of kids” however her age is the major concern for her.

“If Cheryl could have a baby tomorrow she would. She feels torn over whether to give having another child all she’s got – whether it’s adoption or a sperm donor – or whether to let it go. All she’s ever wanted is to have a football team of kids running around, but she also knows her time is running out, so she’s been emotionally preparing herself for that.”

To eliminate her age criteria, she had already shown her interest in adoption in Ghost Story 2:22 last week. To explore more about it, she is reportedly taking help from her close friend.

Simon Cowell Reportedly Helping Cheryl Adopt Another Child

Cheryl and Simon Cowell
Cheryl and Simon Cowell

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The source has shared that the singer is seeking to advice from her close friend, Simon Cowell to further explore adoption.

The insider claimed,

“Cheryl has had long chats about it with close friends, including Simon Cowell, who suggested she speaks to Sinitta, who adopted her two children.”

It is also reported that a good friend of Lisa Faulkner who adopted her daughter Billie is also supporting the former so that she can know more about their experiences of adoption.

It will only be helpful for her if she would adopt a child. Nowadays, the style icon is also preparing to be back in the public eye as she is focusing on her kid and her new show.

Source: Closer Magazine

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