“She gets what she wants”: Amy Robach Ignored Close Friends’ Advice, Left ‘Classy’ Andrew Shue for Sleazebag T.J. Holmes

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes are well-known talk show hosts who startled television viewers by getting romantically linked behind closed doors while anchoring ABC News’ GMA 3. After much internal debate, the pair eventually signed an exit agreement with the same network. The public became aware of their supposed relationship after the photographs appeared in the Daily Mail. Reporters dug through their half-marathon times, followers picked up social media updates, and a lot of sources produced phony tales to promote speculations about their connection.

Since their relationship does not infringe on corporate policies, Holmes and Robach were sidelined from the show even though they briefly served as anchors after the revelation. Even after Holmes and Robach left GMA3, the tale continued to develop with increasing drama. Finally, an ABC News representative said on January 27 that the couple would be leaving the network.

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach
T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach

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Andrew Shue, Amy Robach’s ex-husband, does not want to get involved in her messy love scandal at ABC

Amy Robach and Andrew Shue
Amy Robach and Andrew Shue

According to PageSix, Amy Robach’s divorce from her ex-husband Andrew Shue is nearly complete after a contentious marriage, since Robach is now content with his newfound love for his co-host.

Shue, Robach’s former husband, certainly doesn’t want to be involved in this. According to a source familiar with the ex-couple, nobody wants to be a part of their turmoil. “He’s very classy,” the insider added.

“There’s not anybody who doesn’t like Andrew. He’s a really nice person, and he’s a good guy—so nice, and so kind and generous,” they said of the actor. The Insider also claimed that Robach hasn’t taken the criticism seriously because “friends aren’t on board with T.J. and Amy.”

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After 12 years of marriage, Amy Robach and actor Andrew Shue are almost done divorcing, and it has come to light that she has a love relationship with Good Morning America co-host T.J. Holmes.

Andrew Shue’s son Nate Shue shared a cryptic post on Instagram amid Amy Robach’s and T.J. Holmes’ ABC exit

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach
T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach

The insider said,

“She has a lot of friends that absolutely love her and support her no matter what. However, some of her closest friends are asking, What are you doing?’ Perhaps you ought to consider this.”

The source continues, “I guess she just didn’t want to hear any of that.”

Another person who spoke to the same publication further noted that “Robach was a survivor who feels it’s her right to be happy even though Amy supposedly ended a marriage and was friends with his wife.”

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Nate Shue, Andrew Shue’s 26-year-old son, recently shared a GIF with Jimmy Fallon that read, “Let’s just move on,” a day after his stepmother and Holmes were dismissed from ABC amid the scandal surrounding their high-profile relationship.

Amy Robach married Andrew Shue two years after her divorce from Tim McIntosh, the father of her two daughters.

Source: PageSix


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