‘She has no interest’: $300M Worth Paris Hilton Refuses To Be Part of Netflix Documentary on ‘Bling Ring’ Thieves Who Stole Millions From Her

Paris Hilton, a Hollywood socialite who was a victim of the Bling Ring. Not only did she make a quick appearance in the movie, but she also let the film crew use her house to film. But this time, Page Six has heard that Paris Hilton does not want to add The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist to the list of Netflix shows she plans to watch. The famous hotel heiress doesn’t want to watch the upcoming docuseries about the thieves who stole designer goods from her worth millions of dollars.

Paris hilton
Paris Hilton Reacts to the New Bling Ring Documentaries on Netflix

Paris Hilton shuns the Real Bling Ring

It has come to Page Six’s attention that Paris Hilton will not be adding The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist to her watch list on Netflix.

A source told in an exclusive interview that the famous hotel heiress “has no interest in reliving this after all these years” in reference to the upcoming documentary series that will focus on the group of thieves who once stole millions of dollars worth of designer goods from the hotel heiress.

However, According to a source Paris Hilton mentioned that she couldn’t make it to the show because she is too busy with other things and also her new company, 11:11 media, was about to start up, so she needs to focus there.

Paris Hilton and sofia coppola
Paris Hilton has no interest in watching The bling ring

For what reason does Paris Hilton refuse to tune in to the new show?

But this might not be the reason, the reason can be because the 41-year-old celebrity was already a victim of a high-profile crime more than ten years ago, and then now she doesn’t want all sorts of things to happen again, So this time the lady herself is not at all interested to be part of the new Netflix docuseries about a group of teenage thieves in Los Angeles.  The singer who is best known for her hit song Stars are Blind wants to put that part of her life behind her and wants to move on.

Paris hilton
Paris Hilton in bling ring

In 2013, the DJ gave the production crew permission to film in her home so they could make a crime movie called The Bling Ring. However, even she also agreed to make a cameo appearance in the movie. But on the other hand, She was told that this is because “Sofia Coppola is the director.”

Paris Hilton once  also revealed  that the culture of people who have a lot of power can be “toxic.” And she worries that social media can make young people feel like they have to be perfect. So taking everything into consideration the lady now doesn’t want to involve in all this drama and just wants to live her life in peace.

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Who was responsible for all this?

On top of all this, the first teaser for Netflix’s upcoming documentary series has just been released, and in it, a former Bling Ring member refers to Paris Hilton’s residence as a “personal ATM.”

Nicholas Prugo, who spent a year in prison for his crimes, talked about how the gang thought: “Really? Another unlocked door? Well, we can do this again.”

Paris hilton and the team
Paris Hilton doesn’t care about bling ring

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In 2013, journalist Nancy Jo Sales wrote in her book The Bling Ring: How a Gang of Fame-Obsessed Teens Hijacked Hollywood and Shocked the World that the group went to the Hilton because she would leave her door unlocked. She also mentioned that the Bling Ring has taken advantage of a number of famous people, including Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Patridge, Rachel Bilson, Orlando Bloom, and Brian Austin Green.

The thefts happened between October 2008 and August 2009, and during that time, more than $3 million worth of high-end clothes, jewelry, artwork, cash, and other valuables were taken from the celebrities.

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Source: Page Six

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