“She has put me in debt”: Lisa Marie Presley’s Ex-Husband Accused Her For Drowning Him in $1M Debt, Used Tom Cruise’s ‘Fair Game’ Tactic to Punish Him

Lisa Marie Presley passed away at the age of 54. While her death is indeed a tragic affair, she has got some serious allegations leveled against her by her ex-husband Michael Lockwood. Lockwood had claimed that Presley used “fair game” tactics during their tedious divorce proceedings.

Back in 2017, it had been reported that a year after filing for divorce, Presley alleged that she saw inappropriate pictures of kids on Lockwood’s computer. And the guitarist has claimed that he accumulated over $1 million of debt defending himself against the allegedly false accusation. Despite a formal investigation being launched, Lockwood was never charged with criminal charges, but his custody is still bearing the brunt of the apparently baseless accusation.

Lisa Marie Presley was accused of rendering umpteenth damage to her ex-husband

Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood
Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood

Lisa Marie Presley had been associated with Scientology for years. She was raised in the church by her mother Priscilla Presley after Elvis’ death. Although, it is believed that she herself left years ago. Lockwood, however, alleged that his ex-wife resorted to the “Fair Game policy” which was established by L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Church of Scientology.

Lockwood’s filing read,

“I know that [Lisa] was raised in a particular belief system. It is inevitable that she still holds some of the beliefs of that belief system, especially the “Fair Game” practice, which includes targeting “enemies” by ruining reputation and doing other unethical behaviors. According to the “Fair Game” practice, an “[enemy may be lied to, cheated, tricked, or destroyed by any means without discipline]”. I believe this is exactly what [Lisa] has done to me during our legal proceedings with the willing assistance of her current counsel.”

Michael Lockwood accused Lisa Marie Presley of drowning him in debt
Michael Lockwood levied serious accusations against Lisa Marie Presley

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About his financial loss and mounting debt, Lockwood claimed,

“It is [Lisa] that has abused [Michael]. I have incurred well over 400-500 thousand dollars just fighting the malicious frivolous and false allegations against me in both dependency court and before this Court.

This is exactly what [Lisa] has tried to do. She has put me in debt, defamed me, tried to take my children away from me, and now that I am finally restoring my name and relationship with my children after many years of alienation and “fair game” tactics”

The 61-year-old’s filing has been done with the hopes of getting Presley to cover his legal bills.

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Lisa Marie Presley died with a pending case in court

Lisa Marie Presley, Michael Lockwood and their kids
Lisa Marie Presley, Michael Lockwood, and their kids

The former couple who share two kids – Finley and Harper have had quite a contention over their kids as well. Lockwood had formerly demanded that Presley pay child support, a duty she had been steering clear of for a plethora of reasons.

She cited her financial condition as a reason for not paying up but Lockwood claimed that her being cash-strapped is not a possibility. He listed the Elvis biopic and a $1 million book deal, in addition to a trust that she controlled, set up way back by Elvis himself, which held up to $65 million.

Lockwood won that round and Presley was mandated to pay child support of around $6k a month. The trial was eventually called off.

Lockwood’s latest appeal was to get compensated for his legal fees. He expects Lisa Marie to pay $48,818.31 to settle his lawyer’s bill, $20k to pay his forensic accountant, and $5k for future costs.

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