“She hasn’t released music in 6 years”: Britney Spears Convinces Fans That Her Song With Elton John Forced Her To Delete Her 55.8 Million Followers Worth Instagram Page

Pop singer Britney Spears has officially left Instagram. The singer was very active on her Instagram after her conservatorship came to an end but has now shifted to Twitter. She also teased her collaboration with Elton John on her Twitter account. The singer hasn’t released music in six years and that explains why the singer said she feels overwhelmed. On Wednesday night, Britney Spears tweeted her thoughts for her 56 million Twitter followers.

Britney Spears released a song with Elton John

Britney Spears
The singer deactivated her Instagram account

On Wednesday, Britney Spears announced that she is dropping a song with Elton John called Hold Me Closer, which is out now. This song could be the beginning of Britney Spears’ new era as the singer recently came out of her conservatorship. Sources also previously stated that the singer really wants to give her fans a new album and is working hard to do so.

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She said she is trying to become a better person

Britney Spears
The singer dropped a song with Elton John

After leaving Instagram, she went on Twitter and talked about how she is learning every day and trying to become a better person. She tweeted,

“I’m learning everyday is a clean slate to try and be a better person and do what makes me happy … yes I choose happiness today,” she further added in a second tweet, “I tell myself every day to let go of the hurt bitterness and try to forgive myself and others to what may have been hurtful.”

Her 13-year conservatorship came to an end in November 2021. In one of her recent Instagram posts, the singer revealed that she “will be forever traumatized by my past experience for life,” and that “there is no way to fix me, my emotions and my sensitivity.

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A lot of people supported the singer

Britney Spears
Her fans sent her cheerful messages

Many people sent heartwarming messages to the singer to support her. One user wrote, talking about her Instagram break, “She’s done that like 4 times already it’s her way of taking a break I’m sure the song coming out tomorrow is overwhelming her a bit she has not released music in 6 years have some compassion and understanding.” A lot of people are excited to hear her new song.

Source: Access

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