A recent photo from the sets of Marvel and Disney+ upcoming show She-Hulk of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Hulk aka Mark Ruffalo and a stunt double has been paired with one of the actors Jameela Jamil in an orange wig as Titania has been prompting new theories about the series.

Marvel Comics
Titania vs She-Hulk going against each other

According to The Direct’s reports, the image of Mark Ruffalo with all his mo-cap dots on his face (his “costume” for Hulk) with his arm around the stunt performer in an orange wig is seen along with a post from Jamil in quite a similar style and same color wig; and it seems to indicate that Hulk and Titania will be sharing the screen time in the all-new 30 minutes legal comedy from Marvel Studios.

The photo was shared by reviewer and podcaster Charles Villanueva (via The Direct)! Check out the original post which has compared the two looks below:


Considering the history of both these characters from Marvel Comics and the involvement of a stunt performer, it is entirely safe to assume that there is possible a fight or an action scene of some sort on the cards for these two characters. The Hulk is none other than Bruce Banner who in the original Marvel comics is a cousin to Jennifer Walters aka the one and only She-Hulk. Titania who is also known as Mary MacPherran has a long history of battles with not only Shulkie but also many other Marvel heroes. Since these characters have connections to She-Hulk, it could show them as each other’s enemies!

Jameela Jamil
Jameela Jamil all set to play Titania

As per the comics, Titania boasts about her super-strength (all thanks to Doctor Doom’s experimentation during the Secret Wars) and her enhanced abilities allow her to go against She-Hulk all the time over these years. And now Titania is finally making her live-action debut in the streaming series.

Additionally, there are rumors that Charlie Cox might be making an appearance on the show as Daredevil. Cox played Daredevil in the Netflix series before it was canceled. Daredevil’s alter ego Matt Murdock is a lawyer and could fit into the plot!

She-Hulk hits screens in 2022 on Disney+.

Source: CBR.Com

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