‘She is super-clever…and really sensible’: Johnny Depp’s New Lawyer Girlfriend Joelle Rich Reportedly Left Husband To Be With $200M Rich Pirates of the Caribbean Star

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard got their divorce finalized in 2017, after various tumultuous years of being together. It would be an understatement to say that the relationship had been acrimonious.

Fast forward 5 years and every person on this planet has some kind of relationship advice for Johnny Depp. Who would have been his perfect partner? Why he was wrong to choose Amber Heard as his partner? Who should he date? But the last query will be unnecessary now.

Johnny Depp and Joelle Rich are rumored to be together

Johnny Depp is dating his UK libel case attorney Joelle Rich
Johnny Depp is reportedly dating his UK libel case attorney Joelle Rich

Johnny Depp is rumored to be in a relationship with Joelle Rich. The news broke the internet just recently. It has caused no end of shock to people around the world.

The lawyer, who has also represented Meghan Markle, has been an aide of Depp for a long time now. She defended him when he was fighting his 2018 libel suit against The Sun. From being at his side in a court of law to being at his side in the real world. What a journey has she made!

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Joelle Rich’s friends left in shock

Joelle Rich's friends don't approve
Joelle Rich’s friends show their apprehension about Johnny Depp

But the ones who have been left the most shocked because of Rich’s decision are her friends. According to a friend of the UK-based lawyer, her entire friend circle is in “shock” about her decision to leave her husband, Jonathan Rich, to date Johnny Depp. Jonathan Rich is a director for the Bluebox Corporate Finance Group.

A reason for this opposition is how different the two are. They are, according to that friend, “poles apart“. She told the Daily Mail, “She is lovely, super-clever, beautiful, nice and really sensible.” And according to her circle, Depp ain’t any of them. It is because of this that “everyone is so shocked by the latest claims. Her and Johnny Depp are poles apart in everything in terms of age and background.”

The girls are clearly not approving of Rich’s new relationship.

Joelle Rich had a well-established family before leaving Jonathan Rich for Johnny Depp

Joelle Rich and Johnny Depp
Joelle Rich left her husband for Depp

Add to that the fact that she already had a well-established family with her ex-husband, Jonathan Rich, and the kids they share. It becomes all the more baffling for them. According to the source, “She is married to a very successful, handsome husband and has two great kids.” 

The source further added, “So it is quite a shock. It’s an extraordinary move for someone like Joelle — a highly accomplished, sensible, North London lawyer — to do something like this.” 

But Depp and Rich are seemingly not affected by these rumors. The two are going strong and look set to continue the relationship, despite all the opposition.

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Source: GeoTV

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