“She just adores Ben”: Jennifer Lopez Supports Ben Affleck Working for Dunkin’ Donuts to Show Her Marriage is Not Failing

The iconic couple, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez reunited two years ago after calling off their engagement in the 2000s. Their love story ended at that time due to several reported reasons, with the major one involving media scrutiny. Their second chance in their romance seems to be facing a difficult time, however, new reports say otherwise.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

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The dazzling actor was spotted serving citizens of America coffee and doughnuts while filming a commercial for Dunkin’, after landing a lucrative multi-million dollar deal with the company.

Ben Affleck Filming a Commerical for Dunkin’

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck filming a commercial in Dunkin’

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The 50-year-old actor, Ben Affleck surprised the fans as he was seen wearing a Dunkin’ Donuts uniform at one of their outlets in Boston on Monday. He was dressed in the full employee uniform where he served orders like coffee and doughnuts to them.

A source told ET that the actor “is filming a much anticipated commercial with Dunkin’ Donuts” after he signed an exclusive multimillion-dollar deal with the multinational food chain. In addition to the lucrative deal, their partnership also includes a donation to his chosen non-profit, the Eastern Congo Initiative.

The source explained,

“Ben has loved Dunkin’ for years and this partnership couldn’t be more perfect. He’s been very hands on with the whole process and is excited for everyone to see.”

While the Gone Girl actor has finally got his hands on the profitable deal, his wife, Jennifer Lopez seemed it as a great opportunity to flaunt her romance in response to the news of her marriage failure.

Jennifer Lopez Came to Support Her Beau, Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at Dunkin’ Boston Outlet

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It is surely a great deal for the Batman star, who got a lucrative deal with the multinational food chain, to have his wife there to support him. The source added that the deal as per J.Lo is “awesome and has been so supportive.” 

Another source reported that the couple was affectionate toward each other during filming.

“Jen and Ben were so loving on set. You can really tell how special their connection is.” 

The source added that the singer “adores” her true love adding that “they both lift each other up and make each other feel so happy. It’s really sweet to watch.”

With the sources informing about their loving nature, it is quite contradictory to what was previously reported. As per the old story, the pair had been on odd terms, especially after their marriage, as the singer started nagging him about many things including his smoking habits. Reportedly, he promised his beau not to smoke further but her constant pointing out to his infamous habit provoked him more. It could be possible that the issue might have come to an end, considering the new reports.

Source: ET

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