“She just married an actor after divorcing dancers and singers”: Jennifer Lopez saying Dancers are better in bed than actors backfired as Fans hysterically point out JLo Getting Married to Ben Affleck

Being one of the most admirable couples on the internet, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been headlining everywhere. After their grand wedding, the couple has become the talk of the town. JLo has been very actively posting about her wedding stories and the incidents that took place right after her marriage at the Georgia estate mansion. The social media PDAs have got everyone talking about it!

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

As the couple gave relationship goals to the Internet world, some netizens did not like the remark made by Jennifer Lopez on a talk show. When asked about who is better in bed, the wittiness of JLo backfired as netizens hysterically pointed out JLo getting married to Ben Affleck.

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Jennifer Lopez’s witty side did not please the internet

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

During an appearance at Watch What Happens Live, Jennifer Lopez got candid with Andy Cohen and gave comments that backfired on her. When the show host, Andy Cohen asked, “Who is better in bed: dancers, singers or actors?”, JLo took a while to respond. While answering the question, she blasted out of laughter and said, 

“I have to say that, in my limited experience, I would have to say anybody involved in music, so I would say, singers and dancers.”

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Netizens’ reaction to the comment made by Jennifer Lopez on selecting who is better in bed

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

While reacting to the remarks, all the admirers of the Bennifer couple commented on their opinion. A user jokingly commented and said, “Yet she just married an actor after divorcing dancers & singers! Haha!”. While another user commented, “Ben [Affleck] will find out”. 

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Casey Affleck Instagram Post about Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez
Casey Affleck’s Instagram Post about Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez

As the wedding was the talk of the town, many also began to speculate that something was off with the Affleck family and JLo. However, the rumors were cleared when the younger brother of Ben Affleck, Casey Affleck took to Instagram to post a heartfelt post for his new sister-in-law and welcomed her to the family. Additionally, Ben Affleck also delivered a heart-touching speech on his wedding day. 

Source: Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen 

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