“She never said anything negative”: Jennifer Lopez Was More Concerned About Herself than Show’s Contestants, Accused of Using TV Shows to Promote Her Career

Undoubtedly, Howard Stern is among the people with whom Jennifer Lopez does not get along. And it seems neither of the two is up for amending anything between them soon. The former Shock Jock has criticized Lopez on various occasions. And most of it is in regard to her career. Stern is known for giving out brutal opinions against many celebrities without holding back much.

He has openly shared his dislike for the Pop singer’s music. In Addition to that, her job as a talent show judge was also slammed by the radio host. This was during his time as one of  America’s Got Talent judges.  While talking about bringing authenticity to the judging process, he mentioned a few names that lacked the factor required to be a good judge. And obviously, Lopez was one of the people that he said. Following this spotty history, now J-Lo’s husband Ben Affleck is going to make his debut on the Howard Stern Show.

Howard Stern Slammed Jennifer Lopez for Caring Only About her Career

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Among the many stuff he criticized Jennifer Lopez for, Howard Stern once openly called out her name as one of the worst Tv talent show judges. Back in 2012, when he was signed as one of the judges of America’s Got Talent show, he shared how he would be a much better judge than Lopez or Britney Spears. During a press conference that year, referring to J-Lo being a judge on American idol he said,

” I don’t know what she’s doing there”

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He even dragged Spears and host Ryan Seacrest for similar reasons. The former shock jock also shared the names of those that according to him were fit for judging a show. Along with many he named Sharon Osbourne saying, “she is the one who can almost instantly snap and size up talent”. In yet another interview with HLN, Stern accused her of using the talent show only to advance her career further. He said,

 “I was critical of [American Idol] J-Lo because I felt that she never said anything negative, let’s say.”

Howard Stern
Howard Stern

And further he added he felt the attitude she limited herself to as a judge only helped her get back into the music charts.

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More of His Criticisms Over the Years

Howard Stern
Howard SternJennife

Although he is well-known for slamming and bashing many celebrities repeatedly, Howard Stern did apologize to many of them afterward. However, out of them Jennifer Lopez surely is the one who received the most criticism from the radio host. But despite that, Stern has never apologized for any of his comments against the Ain’t Your Mama singer. And it does not seem he will be doing so anytime soon.

Over the years, the former shock jock has frequently slammed J-Lo’s music career. Back in 2016, he drew a comparison between her music and a non-sensical song sung by a homeless woman. And once again he slammed Jimmy Fallon who praised the singer’s super-bowl performance in 2019.  Currently, Ben Affleck is about to make his Howard Stern Show debut. But the same cannot be said for his wife as it seems unlikely that she and Stern are going to make up anytime soon.

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