“She prepped really hard for this”: Jennifer Lopez Refused to Use a Body Double For Hustlers, Made Alex Rodriguez Install a Pole in Their Master Bedroom to Practice For the Role

Jennifer Lopez might be with Ben Affleck as of now, but we can’t call this relationship the only healthy relationship she’s been a part of. The Jenny on the Block singer had previously been in a four-year-long relationship with Alex Rodriguez. The two were a power couple, who according to a lot of fans, had what it takes to go the distance. They were one of those couples who seemed to fit. And a very big reason behind this was that they always had each other’s back, until they didn’t.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Rodriguez were a power couple

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez
Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez started seeing each other in 2017. And they were having a lot of fun from the very start, with JLo, in particular, very interested from the start. The MLB star being a dad was not at all a problem to her. She liked the dynamic between the two of them, and the couple soon went Instagram official.

Their love continued to get more serious by the day. A time came when the two were seen playing with each other’s children – Lopez’s twins, Max and Emme, and Rodriguez’s daughters, Natasha and Ella. And in 2019, they made it official that they were engaged, and soon to be married.

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Alex Rodriguez was the perfect partner one could ask for

Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez always had praise for Jennifer Lopez

The two had grown quite close to each other in a small span of time. And a very big reason behind that is how they both were a fan of each other’s work. It was a common feature of their relationship that they would always make it a point to highlight the other person’s achievements and qualities.

A-Rod did the same when the two attended the Golden Globe Awards in 2020. The Maid in Manhattan star was nominated for her movie Hustlers that year. She attended the star-studded fest with the 47-year-old baseball icon. And this presented him with the perfect chance to boast about his to-be wife’s dedication to her work.

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Jennifer Lopez brought a pole into her master bedroom for training

JLo pole dancing in Hustlers
JLo pole dancing in Hustlers

The On The Floor singer had to perform in a scene where she was required to do pole dancing. Another star would have hired a body double, but not JLo. She was adamant to do it all herself. She went to great heights for the role, even training under Cirque du Soleil performer Johanna Sapakie. And A-Rod revealed she brought the training into their house as well. When asked about the pole dancing part, Rodriguez said,

“No, but I will say this: the one great benefit is having a pole in our master bedroom for six months. She prepped really really hard for this.” 

One can bet that having a supportive partner like him helps a lot. Even after the two have broken up, he has nothing but praises for the singer.

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