‘She Smacked The F*cking Sh*t Out of Him’: Seth Rogen Reveals Rihanna Slapped the Living Hell Out of Michael Cera For Slapping Her B**t

In the 2013 comedy movie, This Is the End fans get to see cameos from stars like Mindy Kaling, Paul Rudd, and Kevin Hart. Most of these actors appeared with co-director Seth Rogen in other movies. In a scene, singer Rihanna also made an appearance and gave Michael Cera permission to slap her b*tt as long as she was allowed to hit back. It did not turn out well for the actor as she slapped him so hard that his ears were “ringing.”

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This is the End featured a lot of cameos

This is the End
A still from This is the End (2013)

Seth Rogen revealed that the studio hated the idea of everyone playing themselves, so he simply decided to lie to them. The movie featured a lot of stars like Mindy Kaling, Paul Rudd, Kevin Hart, Emma Watson, and James Franco. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg made their directorial debut with the movie which is about a group of friends who get stuck inside a house as a series of apocalyptic events leaves them fighting for survival.

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Rihanna slapped Michael Cera in a scene

Rihanna Michael Cera
Rihanna slapped Michael Cera in a scene

Seth Rogan revealed that Michael Cera slapping Rihanna’s b*tt was a part of the script but Rihanna slapping him back was not. She gave Michael Cera permission as long as she was allowed to hit back. It turned out bad for him as she slapped the actor multiple times for different takes. Seth Rogan talked about the scene in an interview saying that she “smacked the f**king shit out of him.

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Michael Cera talked about the scene

Michael Cera in This is the End
Michael Cera in This is the End

Michael Cera and Evan Goldberg talked about the scene in an interview with GQ. Evan Goldberg said,

“Michael said to all of us, ‘I’m going to ask her if I can slap her butt for real. I think it will make the joke way funnier.’ And we were like, ‘Yeah, totally go for it. Go nuts.’ And so he asked permission to do the butt slap, and she said, ‘You can do it, but I’m coming back way harder.’ She hit him the first time, the second time, and we were all laughing, and Michael was like, ‘Oh, it hurts.’ And she was laughing and he was laughing. And the third time I think she cupped his ear, and it messed him up.”

Michael Cera also added,

“It was like a flash bomb went off. There was a high-pitched tone ringing in my ear, and I didn’t know where I was.”

This is the End is available to stream on Netflix.

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