“She was after all a girl from a middle class home”: Kate Middleton Was Unfairly and Cruelly Nicknamed “Kate Middle-Class” When She Started Dating Prince William

The Princess of Wales, Catherine also known as Kate Middleton is one of the most beloved royal members who has contributed a lot to the British royal family. Being the wife of Prince William, she often has to maintain proper decorum. She is one of the people, many look up to, due to her constant hard work and determination. Though, not many are fond of her.

Kate Middleton
British royal family member, Kate Middleton

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As per the recent reports, the influential royal member has to go through harsh criticisms and unfair treatment all because she was not born a royal.

Kate Middleton Was Harrassed for Not Being a Royal

Kate Middleton
The Princess of Wales, Catherine

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The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Elizabeth Middleton (Kate Middleton) had to go through intense public scrutiny when she was in the initial stages of her relationship with her now-husband and Duke of Cambridge, Prince William.

What might be more surprising is The Prince of Wales’s high-class friends were the ones who gave unfair treatment to the former. Not only that but she was also given cruel nicknames by them just because she was from a middle-class status.

In the documentary, William and Kate: Into The Future, royal author and journalist Katie Nicholl stated, “There is some snobbery towards Kate Middleton who’s very cruelly and unfairly become known as ‘Kate Middle Class’”.

She added, “She is a middle-class girl, essentially, from Berkshire, but it seems to be William’s friends, some of William’s friends, that have a problem with it.”

Due to her belonging to the middle class, the mother of three royals had to go through intense criticism from her now husband’s friends.

Princess Catherine Had to Go Through ‘Snobbish Insults’ During the Early Days of Her Relationship with Prince William

Kate Middleton and Prince William
Kate Middleton and Prince William

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The journalist who has been writing about the British Royal Family for nearly a decade stated that the sons and daughters of wealthy, blue-blooded aristocrats were “terribly snobby” by nature.

In a Vanity Fair article, it was reported that Middleton was the victim of “vicious sniping” and “snobbish insults” from the ones who “believe that the monarchy needs to stop marrying ‘out’ of its class.”

In the documentary, Princess Diana’s biographer, Andrew Morton gave an insight into the “social weight” the Duchess was handling during the early days of her relationship with her now-husband.

When Catherine met William, she was really punching above her social weight.”

Morton added, “She was, after all, a girl from a middle-class home dealing with the upper classes where everybody who came for dinner was Lord or Lady this.”

The Princess of Wales had overcome all those things and eventually became a personality who is adored by many subjects. They first met in 2001 and started dating each other in 2003 until 2007, when they got separated. However, they were meant to be with the couple getting engaged in 2010. They got married in 2011 and now share three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Source: Express

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