“She was going to slice my neck”: Amber Heard Reportedly Nearly Killed a Woman From Her Infamous Billionaire Sex Parties for Hanging Out With Elon Musk Due to Uncontrollable Jealousy

Amber Heard, the Aquaman actress, may be coming in for a lot of trouble due to information about her risqué parties being leaked. Even the tech billionaire and founder of Tesla is starting to get more involved with the headlines surrounding the actress. This is mostly because of the romantic history that the two celebrities shared. However, in recent news, the actress was reportedly violent while under the influence of alcohol when a girl decided to show up at one of Elon Musk’s parties. If the defamation trial is any proof that Johnny Depp was the victim of domestic abuse rather than Amber Heard, this news just adds more to that theory.

Amber Heard’s risqué parties

Amber Heard
Amber Heard

The controversial actress, Amber Heard was again reported to be involved in some pretty gnarly business yet again. Substack writer, Jessica Kraus wrote in detail about how the actress organized and took part in risqué parties. These parties were attended by a lot of well-known big and wealthy names. Nothing was out of the question or reach in these parties to entertain socially inept billionaires. These parties were fuelled with plenty of alcohol, MDMA, and even intercourse with the actress being at the center of it all.

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Elon Musk’s relationship with Amber Heard

Amber Heard and Elon Musk.
Elon Musk with Amber Heard.

Amber Heard made news when she began dating Elon Musk amid her public divorce from Johnny Depp in 2016. After being seen together, the actress and Elon Musk kept their relationship under wraps at the time. The couple momentarily split up after coming public with their love in 2017 before igniting their romance once again and having the final breakup in 2018. During the chaos of their relationship, a young lady was a regular attendee of Amber Heard’s millionaire parties and claims that the actress forced her into using narcotics.

The young lady in question goes by the alias Gia. She stated that “she was under the impression that Amber [Heard] would not be at this event, she knew Elon [Musk] and she had broken up and things had gotten increasingly ugly after the Australian incident, so she was stunned to hear her name called out from atop the staircase by Amber, above her as she was greeting people at the bar below.”

Gia added that the actress spotting her presence at the party “infuriated her. Triggering a violent attack in front of a room full of people.”

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Violence and alcohol seem to be a pattern with Amber Heard

Amber Heard
Amber Heard

Gia revised the incident with immense detail as she stated “she grabbed me by the neck and started slashing my dress with a wine opener, like a maniac, screaming that she was going to ‘slit my neck. It took a friend of Amber’s to finally pull her off of Gia, and away from the bar. But the shredded dress marked an indefinite end to whatever lingering infatuation still remained.”

Clearly things, we can see why Amber Heard would not want this news to be published, hence the girl in question had to form an alias for the same. It is astonishing to see the actress that has been crying about domestic abuse since 2016 does not look in the mirror too often.

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Source: Geo News

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