“She was older and had kids and was married”: Ex-girlfriend Sommer Ray Accuses MGK of Cheating Amid Megan Fox Breakup Rumors

Dating since 2020, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have been making headlines for the past three years with their erratic relationship. However, the two have been recently struggling to keep their relationship strong. Amid constant breakup rumors, the couple’s infidelity speculations are on the surge. Fox and Kelly are struggling with their relationship because of alleged affairs on Kelly’s end. However, interestingly enough, the couple started dating while they both were with their respective ex-partners.

Megan Fox and MGK
Megan Fox and MGK

Call it coincidence or karma, the situation seems similar to the way they started their rollercoaster relationship. Amid persistent speculations of Machine Gun Kelly cheating on Megan Fox, the singer’s ex-girlfriend comes to the limelight with interesting information. 

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Machine Gun Kelly Cheated On His Ex-Girlfriend 

The extremely passionate pair, who have been entertaining their fans and followers with their erratic relationship for the past 3 years, is seemingly going through a rough phase. Constantly making headlines for alleged affairs, Machine Gun Kelly faces even more troubles with his ex-girlfriend coming to the limelight and spilling facts. 

Sommer Ray
Sommer Ray with MGK

Interesting as it gets, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox, both appear to have started their relationship by being unfaithful to their then-partners. It is a known fact that Fox was married to Brian Austin Green, while she was spotted with Kelly. However, what seems quite surprising is, even Machine Gun Kelly was in a relationship when he sparked dating rumors with Fox. 

As per the internet’s memory, in 2020, Kelly retweeted a picture of him with his then-girlfriend Sommer Ray, to let people know about their official relationship. However, by the end of April 2020, Kelly informed his fans about his short-lived romance with Ray, stating, she “collected all her things on his birthday”. It all happened when he met Megan Fox on the set of Midnight in the Switchgrass. 

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Machine Gun Kelly’s Ex-Girlfriend Spills Facts

Ending things with Sommer Ray, only to start afresh with Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly somehow seems to be facing the karma from his previous relationship. Kelly openly admitted to taking the role in the indie production only to meet Megan Fox. Although it seems quite cute from Fox and Kelly’s perspective, things don’t seem fair enough for Ray. 

Sommer Ray
Sommer Ray speaks about MGK’s infidelity

The singer mentioned how he thought Fox was a cupid and how he kept on inviting her for lunch. On the other hand, Sommer Ray revealed in Logan Paul’s podcast Impaulsive, how she was with Kelly in Puerto Rico and all she did was wait. “I waited in the hotel the whole time while he’s filming with [Fox] and I’m not really thinking anything of it,” Ray mentioned. She further added, “I thought she was older and had kids and was married and stuff.” Unaware of the infidelity, Sommer Ray simply trusted her then-boyfriend. 

Watching Fox and Kelly’s steamy scenes in the music video that went on to win the MTV VMA Best Alternative award, Ray stated, she was never intimate with Kelly. “I don’t really feel bad saying that because he did kind of cheat on me with Megan Fox.” the singer’s ex-girlfriend claimed. 

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Machine Gun Kelly Accused Of Cheating On Megan Fox 

After learning about Machine Gun Kelly cheating on his ex-girlfriend with Megan Fox, it seems the singer is somewhat of a serial cheater. With current speculations of Kelly cheating on Fox, it seems history is repeating itself. Despite the #couplegoals and weird rituals of drinking each other’s blood, it seems Fox and Kelly are stuck in bad karma. The intensity of their relationship being too much to handle, fans simply presumed their relationship won’t last long. 

Megan Fox
Megan Fox and MGK’s breakup rumors

Reports of Megan Fox deleting her Instagram photos with Kelly and removing her engagement ring simply hints to the fans about their presumed inevitable end. With alleged rumors of Kelly cheating on Fox with his lead guitarist Sophie Lloyd, people have come to believe that Kelly runs on infidelity. 

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