‘She’s a Discount for Pensioners’: Internet is Convinced Ben Affleck Won’t Marry Jennifer Lopez, Is Just Using Her For Fame

Jennifer Lopez has been in the spotlight recently, partly due to the release of the documentary, Halftime and partly because of her relationship with Ben Affleck. The couple, who had previously dated in the early 2000s and were all set to marry, reconciled after JLo broke up with her fiancé Alex Rodriguez last year. Despite the fact that Jennifer and Ben are happy to be back together, the internet doesn’t believe the two will last long.

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Jennifer Lopez gushes over her relationship with Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

In a recent interview with Good Morning America, the singer gushed over the relationship and hinted at having kids with the actor and stated,

I mean, this is the best time of my life. I love my career but nothing is more fulfilling to me than being able to build a family with someone who I love deeply and who is just as dedicated to family and to each other as we can be. And I love the idea of the future and what we can create. But I really just want to savor the moment and just stay as present in it as I can.”

Jennifer Lopez still believes in happily ever after

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

In an interview with Today in November 2021, JLo, who has been married thrice, was asked if she would marry again, and she said, “I still believe in happily ever after, for sure, 100 percent.” Months later, JLo and Ben got engaged once again in April 2022 when Ben surprised J.Lo with an 8.5-carat green diamond engagement ring. There have been rumors that the two are already married.

Internet reacts negatively to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s relationship

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

The couple appears to be quite happy being together, however, the couple’s relationship is not the internet’s favorite.

Fans claim that Ben is only with Jennifer due to the added fame and publicity of the relationship and that the actor is unlikely to commit to Jennifer for a long-term relationship. The two have previously been criticized by celebrities such as Madonna for their highly publicized relationship.

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