“she’s a rude person that acts like she is so above ANYONE”: Despite Her $400 Million Fortune Jennifer Lopez Might Just be the Worst Tipper in Hollywood

Jennifer Lopez, also known as JLo, is an American actress, singer & dancer. She has made quite the realm along the way, which includes making $1 million for a wedding appearance, one that was also accommodated with a costly penthouse stay. Lopez is no stranger to making headlines, and the recent topic of JLo’s conduct was thrust back into the spotlight thanks to a TikTok that named her among the worst celebs to meet.

Despite her popularity, the American actress hasn’t always had a good experience dealing with people in the real world. In actuality, the opposite has been true.

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Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is Allegedly a Terrible Tipper, According to TikTok

A TikTok video asked people to “Name a celebrity who was rude to you.” One TikTok user said Jennifer Lopez befor3 narrating her own experience with the actress. 

According to the TikTok user, the American actress was awful to deal with when working alongside drivers, and the same was true at restaurants or casinos when it came to tipping. At times, Ben Affleck would be overly generous, but JLo would tell him to tone it down.

Jennifer Lopez is Allegedly a Terrible Tipper.
Jennifer Lopez is Allegedly a Terrible Tipper.

The TikTok user said,

Ben’s a terrific tipper, he respects service workers, therefore he tipped a lot of people a lot of money that night.” “Jennifer goes around to each of those people, and takes back the tip, and gives them maybe $5, $10 bucks—maybe.”

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A Quora User Called The American actress ‘Rude

Stories are starting to surface that show other instances of JLo behaving in a “diva-like” manner in public. This story seems to prove it, as the singer was accompanied by a waitress who had a forgettable experience. She shared her tale again on Quora.

Jennifer Lopez
The American actress

“I’ll be polite, I promise. She is a rude person who acts as though she is so superior to everyone, to put it simply. Unfortunately, I’ve had the “honor” of meeting her. If a server or waitress received enough tips to cover the cost of her blasted CDs, she would be very lucky!”

The Quorauser would also show that fans don’t apprehend who ‘the real’ JLo is.

She has to keep her cash register ringing for me to buy or contribute to her earning more money. Unworthy. The general populace is unaware of precisely how genuine she is. I wish they had known. Some of her supporters might not even give a damn. Smh…..”

Although it was a forgotten event, Jennifer Lopez made headlines on other similar occasions as well.

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