“She’s dropping serious hints”: Olivia Wilde Craving for Brad Pitt’s Attention as She Goes Through Painful Breakup With Harry Styles

Only six weeks have passed since Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles called their relationship a wrap. But don’t assume that she is still in her pajamas, and grieving over the split. According to sources, Wilde has now put Hollywood hottie Brad Pitt on her wishlist for 2023 after her breakup with ex-Harry Styles. The 38-year-old director met a 59-year-old Ad Astra actor while filming their most recent film, BabylonThe couple appears to have gotten along well while filming. And this makes Olivia Wilde “eager” to get to know Pitt better. Brad Pitt is a favorite of Olivia, and if nothing else, he is the ideal backlash guy.

Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde

The director of Don’t Worry Darling and Harry Styles, reportedly ended their two-year relationship in November last year since they couldn’t resist the drama and the growing complication between the two.

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Olivia Wilde is going crazy for Brad Pitt

Sources claim that Olivia Wilde and Brad Pitt got along well while they were filming and that things occasionally got flirty between them. In addition, their chemistry has become a gossip point as they were promoting the movie. “Olivia is a fan of Brad and he fits the bill perfectly as a rebound guy – if not something more. Brad’s playing it cool, but Olivia’s pretty keen. She’s dropping serious hints about getting to know one another better.” However, Wilde will have a difficult time securing the famous actor because Pitt isn’t as readily available as she had hoped. The Oscar winner celebrated his 59th birthday with his new frame Ines de Ramon in December. The two had just been spotted together at the Babylon premiere.

Olivia Wilde Appeared At The Governors Awards
Olivia Wilde Appeared At The Governors Awards

But supposedly Life Itself actress isn’t afraid to put in some effort to impress Pitt’s heart. The insider reveals, “Olivia’s charming, hyper-intelligent and very hard to resist when she sets her heart on something – although she would back off if someone were in a relationship, as that’s not her style. She’s excited about the prospect of the hottest bachelor in Hollywood, and if  they did start dating, it would show Harry how stupid he was to let her go.”

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Olivia Wilde trying to move on with Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt 

According to reports, Harry Styles and the American actress and filmmaker, ended their two-year relationship last November because of growing compatibility issues. According to our insider, Olivia Wilde is still mourning over losing her ex-boyfriend but has reluctantly accepted the fact that he won’t be coming back. However, she very well believes that finding a new hot guy is the only best way for her to move on. She has very strict requirements, and Brad Pitt satisfies all of them. He is stunningly attractive, extraordinarily successful, and full of life experience. In retrospect, she realizes that Styles was ultimately too young for her.

Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde

Don’t Worry Darling is Wilde’s most anticipated movie, which was released in September. However, the cast’s off-screen antics generated much more media attention than the movie itself after she moved on with Style after splitting from her fiancé and the father of her two children, Jason Sudeikis. According to the insider, Wilde suffered a great deal in 2022 due to all those Sudeikis and Styles scandals. So, it’s time to recover with optimism, and Pitt would make a lovely New Year’s present.

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Source: Heatworld


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