“She’s getting ghosted by her friends”: Amber Heard Left Fending For Herself As ‘Close Friends’ Cara Delevingne, Kristen Stewart, and Margot Robbie Turn Their Backs On Her

Amber Heard has been struggling ever since the defamation trial verdict was ruled against her favor. Since then, the star has lost her reputation and been ridiculed by the media as well as millions of people online. Moreover, the actress has also been going through a financial crisis since she owes Johnny Depp millions of dollars. Thus, things are not going well, and now it seems like she has been abandoned by her fellow Hollywood contemporaries as well.

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Hollywood celebrities are staying away from Amber Heard

Cara Delevigne and Amber Heard
Cara Delevigne and Amber Heard

Stars such as Kristen Stewart, Margot Robbie, and Cara Delevingne have been maintaining their distance from the star despite the release of the court documents that caused many celebrities to change their opinion about Johnny Depp. According to reports, the Aquaman actress reached out to the three stars for help when she needed a place to live. However, the star chose to ignore her plea due to her bad reputation.

Amber Heard is all alone in her struggles

Amber Heard
Amber Heard’s friends have left her in her trying times

The source stated,

“Amber has reached out to her old party pals like Kirsten Stewart, Cara Delevingne, and Margot Robbie, hoping they’ll help her with a place to stay. She’s getting snubbed and, in many cases, flat-out ghosted.”

Amber Heard’s acting career is more or less over

Amber Heard as Mera
Amber Heard’s presence in Aquaman 2 was highly opposed by fans

Due to the financial crisis and lack of support, the star has been forced to move to a much smaller house. This is mainly because she has lost several acting projects as a result of the verdict. Thus, at this point, no director or production house wishes to associate themself with her name. Moreover, considering the backlash that Warner Bros. Discovery faced for her inclusion in Aquaman 2, it is unlikely that the actress will be appearing in any big project anytime soon.

It seems like Amber Heard is desperately looking for support since she was recently spotted with her ex, Tasya Van Ree. Perhaps, her ex will help her out during this crisis.

Source: IBT

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