“She’s had it ever since”: Private Chef Reveals Queen Elizabeth’s Secret Diet That Has Made Her a True Immortal Among Mortals

Queen Elizabeth is the queen of England and the other commonwealth realms of the United Kingdom. When her father died, she succeeded to the throne of England in 1952 at the mere age of 25. The queen was in the news recently because of the annual welcome ceremony for her that takes place in Scotland. This year the ceremony took place behind the closed doors of Balmoral castle due to unrevealed reasons.

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth

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Queen Elizabeth has eaten the Same Snack every day since She was a Child

Darren McGrady was the former private chef to the queen. He revealed that he served the queen for 11 years and the queen had a certain liking for the same snack. The chef revealed that the queen was served jam pennies when she was a kid. The famous sandwiches were made from bread and butter and a bit of spread jam. The sandwiches were later cut into the shape of British coins and served to the queen.

Darren Mcgrady
Darren McGrady

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Darren McGrady also revealed the Queen’s Affection for the British Scones

About the afternoon’s tea snacks, the chef revealed a certain way in which the queen liked her scones.“The queen was always jam first,” said McGrady. He later added, “The jam went on followed by that delicious, clotted cream.”  The former chef also revealed that the queen was always fond of the Balmoral strawberries. While she spends her holiday in Balmoral Castle in Scotland, she would eat the strawberries 15-17 days a month, according to the sources. The royal family has denied commenting on the queen’s preference for snacks.

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Queen Elizabeth with Prince William
Queen Elizabeth with Prince William and his family

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Queen Elizabeth is currently spending her holidays in Scotland. The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, and his family have also arrived in Scotland to join the queen.

Source: NY Post

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