“She’s ready to put him in her rear view mirror”: Jennifer Lopez Didn’t Disappoint Ex-Partner Marc Anthony’s Prediction, Dumped Alex Rodriguez to Get Back With Ben Affleck in Minutes

It seems that with every breakup, there’s a winner and a loser and Jennifer Lopez definitely won her breakup with Alex Rodriguez. Post split, A-Rod was the one hoping for a reconciliation but for JLo, there was no returning. She had already moved on.
The baseball star player and the Hustlers actress were quite an item for many years. They had a beautiful blended family with both their kids, they were engaged and all set to have a destination wedding in 2020 but covid had other plans and they ended up postponing their wedding into an eventual cancellation as they broke up instead.

Marc Anthony was close to Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez as a part of their blended family

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez and Marc Anthony
Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, and Marc Anthony

During the 4-year relationship, Jennifer Lopez‘s ex-husband Marc Anthony was also a close acquaintance of Alex Rodriguez and JLo. Since Anthony and the Selena star share twins, Emme and Max, they have been co-parents even after their divorce. That naturally made Anthony a part of the blended family that Lopez and Rodriguez created amongst themselves. And it didn’t look like a reluctant intrusion either, the three seemed to have themselves a ball together. It was indeed a healthy and happy relationship that they shared but it didn’t last. For Rodriguez that is. Anthony is still co-parenting with the JLo Body owner.

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Marc Anthony gave Alex Rodriguez a brutal reality check post his split from Jennifer Lopez

Marc Anthony and Alex Rodriguez used to be close
Marc Anthony and Alex Rodriguez used to be close

Despite being close during the relationship, Anthony had no kind words for A-Rod after his split from the Maid in Manhattan actor. He took a rather brutal dig at the still-pining Rodriguez. A report suggested that Rodriquez thought that Lopez “might miss what they had together.”
But Anthony had little sympathy for the statement. According to a source for Page Six, Lopez’s ex-husband actually jested about A-Rod’s feelings.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

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He said,

“He believes Jen might start to miss what they had together, but she’s ready to put him in her rearview mirror.”

No one can say for sure but it does seem like he’s speaking from experience.
In addition to this, that is exactly what did happen. Soon after her split with her then-current fiancée A-Rod, she got together with her former fiancée, Ben Affleck. And we all know what way that road went.

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Source: E! News

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