‘She’s so bothered by the Pete Davidson news’: Kim Kardashian Reportedly Super Insecure After Ex Boyfriend Bags Emily Ratajkowski, a Supermodel 11 years Younger Than Her

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson were quite an item and their dynamic keeps making headlines even now after they had broken up months ago, in early August. The reason for their split was never made officially public, but possible reasons were their significant age gap and busy work schedule. Anyways, they remained in touch even after the split and their fans speculated a possible reunion. However, they never got back together and now the SNL alum has moved on to supermodel Emily Ratajkowski, and it seems like this fact is not sitting right with the SKIMS founder.

Kim Kardashian back-slammed by karma as Pete Davidson moves on with Emily Ratajkowski

Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski
Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson, and Emily Ratajkowski

Kim Kardashian is reportedly having a hard time coping with the fact that her ex-beau has moved on with someone significantly younger and a total catch. Only weeks ago, there had been reports claiming that the 42-year-old still texted Pete Davidson but also kept shutting him off whenever he asked to meet up. This blowing hot and cold even reportedly led to the Set It Up star having a mental breakdown while on set where he slammed a TV and threw coffee on the walls.

However, now that the tables have turned and the 29-year-old is dating bombshell actress and supermodel Emily Ratajkowski, it’s the SKKN owner’s chance to lose it.

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Kim Kardashian puts her insecurity on display

Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski
Kim Kardashian is reportedly having a hard time coping

The KUWTK star recently took to Instagram to share a picture of herself in a silver sparkly co-ord outfit with a huge rose bouquet. She was all smiles and blushes standing near the flowers as if trying to make it obvious that they were a very special gift for her. And the fans speculate that this is simply her insecurities surfacing. Many had conjectured that Kardashian must be feeling insecure after the Suicide Squad actor moved on with someone who was nothing short of an upgrade. And this post ended up adding fuel to the fire.

The comment section under the post went on to brutally troll the reality star, calling it an attempt to shade her ex and the probability that she had gotten those flowers herself only.

Kim Kardashian's Instagram post
Kim Kardashian’s Instagram post

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One comment read, “When your ex-boyfriend moves on and you want people to think you did too… stars, they’re just like us!”

A second user penned, “She’s so bothered by the Pete news lmao,” while a third noted, “You know she bought these for herself to make skeet jelly.”

Another user said that the flowers were most likely a birthday gift from Davidson, “Probably an insecure joke to Pete, he got them for her birthday and she’s throwing shade maybe”.

The cherry on top of the whole thing is that the Gone Girl star has liked this particular post by the reality star. It could be to show her support or to prove that she has no bad blood with Kim K, or it could simply be nonchalant like dropped on a picture she liked on her feed. Ratajkowski is anyways far from playing the possessive partner game as she has made it quite clear that she wants only casual dating experiences after splitting with her husband of 4 years Sebastian Bear-McClard, who reportedly cheated on her.

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Source: Geo News

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