‘She’s trying to keep things fresh… getting him to join punishing workouts’: Jennifer Lopez Allegedly Scared Of Ben Affleck’s Career-Ending Partying, Gambling Issues Breaking Their Marriage

The most discussed Hollywood couple right now is Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. The two recently got married and appear to be quite in love with one another. Their marriage made a lot of headlines and was considered a big event in Hollywood. Now that the couple is done with their honeymoon phase, the two might already be facing some issues in their marriage. According to a source, Jennifer Lopez is concerned about her marriage to Ben Affleck. She is anxious that the Gone Girl actor might leave her soon as things are beginning to settle down.

Jennifer Lopez is insecure about her marriage with Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez believes that Ben Affleck may get tired of being married and will file for a divorce. The Argo actor and Marry Me actress are desperately trying to make their marriage work. According to a source who spoke to Heatworld as per Marca Magazine, the singer does not want to lose him again and is doing her best. The insider told the outlet:

“Now all the excitement from the weddings and honeymoons has worn off, Jen’s panicking that Ben might get bored of married life very quickly. She feels immense pressure for this marriage to be successful and is doing everything she can to keep Ben happy and occupied. She’s trying to keep things fresh and exciting, and has even been trying to get him to join her punishing workouts and go to more events together so she can keep an eye on him.

The insider also told that the actress is also worried about Ben Affleck’s history with gambling and partying. She believes that if things will get monotonous, the actor might leave her.

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Ben Affleck has a lot of issues

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck

The Deep Water actor is well known for  having a serious gambling addiction in the past. He also has a long history of alcohol which became evident throughout his marriage to Jennifer Garner. The actor has repeatedly entered rehab to address the issue, but eventually kept reverting back to alcohol. The insider told the outlet that the actor’s issues worry Jennifer Lopez a lot. “Jen doesn’t want to smother Ben, but she knows it shouldn’t be her doing all the work,” they said. “Ben has some well-documented issues when it comes to partying and gambling, and she’s worried about him slipping back into his old ways. The source continued to tell that the actress wants to help Ben Affleck deal with his problems.

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The actress hopes it’s just post wedding blues

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

The source told that the Love Don’t Cost a Thing singer is hoping that their marriage will work out. Although she is aware that her marriage with Ben Affleck would be work, she is trying her best. “Jen knows that a piece of paper isn’t going to cure him overnight, but she is desperately hoping that they can make things work,” the source said. They continued to tell, “She doesn’t want a divorce after only weeks of marriage – and she’s aware that’s what people are saying about them”.  The insider also acknowledged the fact that the actress does not want a divorce and is working on their marriage.

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Source: Geo News

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