“She’s Trying to Not Focus on Divorce”: Emily Ratajkowski Romancing Brad Pitt to Move On From Divorce, Sources Confirm She Enjoys Pitt’s Company

Emily Ratajkowski has officially filed for divorce from her estranged husband Sebastian Bear-McClard amidst rumors of his infidelity. And since August, rumors of a romantic connection between the Gone Girl actress and the 90’s heartthrob, Brad Pitt have been in the air. Several insider reports suggested that Em Rata had caught Pitt’s eyes a long time ago but he never took a step because she was happily married. But the story changed ever since she split with her husband, and what a better upgrade after getting cheated on than Brad Pitt himself!

Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski
Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski

“We’re just friends!”

As of now, the two are hanging out as friends and are excited about future prospects. A source told Us Weekly, that the handsome couple is still “in the very early stages” of a relationship and therefore nothing can truly be said about where it will lead to. The insider further added, “But they like each other and are excited to see where things go.”

Emily Ratajkowski is spending time with Brad Pitt to divert her attention from divorce with Sebastian Bear-McClard
Keeping it casual?

Yet another source told People, that the two seem to be too much into each other. The insider claimed, They are spending a lot of time together.” However, the same insider also clarified that there is no telling if this romance would last. “Friends aren’t sure if it’s serious. They don’t appear to be ‘dating’ formally,” the source said.

Meanwhile, the Se7en actor was spotted enjoying a nice dinner with the supermodel at NYC’s Pearl Oyster Bar, and onlookers claimed that it “looked like a date.”

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Brad Pitt is a good distraction for Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski has filed for divorce with cheating husband Sebastian Bear-McClard
Emily Ratajkowski has filed for divorce with cheating husband Sebastian Bear-McClard

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Another insider told E! News that Brad Pitt‘s company has come at a great time and Emily Ratajkowski is really enjoying her time with Pitt, in an attempt to also divert her attention from her divorce proceedings. The source shared,

“Emily is putting herself out there and enjoys the company. She’s trying to keep busy and not focus on the divorce. Her and Brad met through mutual friends in the industry. It was casual and friendly.”

Even if it is just a casual fling, it could not have come at a better time, for Em Rata especially, and somewhat for Pitt too. Both are currently engaged in some form of conflict with their former spouses and their relationship with each other seems to be precisely what they need, a source of respite.

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