Shocking!!! Boruto’s Ultimate Goal Gets Exposed!

Here’s a piece of good news for the fans of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The Manga Arc is something that fans seem to be eagerly waiting for. However, it is now time for fans to rejoice about the same. The manga arc includes a lot of different fights. Apart from the fights, it also includes many other important and main characters. The credit for the entire situation goes to Boruto. Boruto had been assigned the task to safeguard Feudal Lord Tento.

Boruto does not want to follow his father’s footsteps!

Boruto does not the emotional vibe from his father
A glimpse of Boruto.

Boruto then started with his teaching skills and began teaching ninjutsu to the Lord. In the entire process of teaching, Boruto realized that both Tento, and he did bear a lot of similarities. During the earlier days, Tento used to attract the attention of his father in various ways. Boruto on hearing this became elated and stated that he used to be exactly the same during earlier days. 

Don’t be afraid of me, my child!

The goals of both the father and the son differ
A moment between the father and son.

This throwback incident of his past makes him realize what his real goal is. He dreams to become a powerful ninja that works in support of the Hokage. He does not in any way wish to be like his father. Boruto was someone who got no support from his father. On the other hand, the kind of treatment that he received from Sasuke overwhelmed him and he was like him.

How Boruto trusts Sasuke more than his own father!

Boruto develops a strong bond with Sasuke
A glimpse of Sasuke.

The current series would be exciting to watch for the fans since they will now get to see how determined is Boruto towards achieving his goals. The new series has made Boruto’s goal even more clear. However, it would be thrilling to see how Boruto’s goal will fall in line with what his father has dreamt of. The real question is how this difference in goals would actually impact the relationship between Boruto and his father. 

Here’s a video showing how Uncle Neji pours his valuable advice to Boruto!

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