“Shut up, you disgusting deviant scum”: Ricky Gervais Has No Interest in Hosting Oscars, Sends Bold Message to Hollywood Stars Attending the Award Show

Ricky Gervais is not a people-pleasing man or host and that’s a well-known fact. That also happens to be his USP and has made him wildly popular among his fans. One of those fans took to Twitter to express how he wished Gervais was the one hosting the 95th Academy Award. After all, his hosting stint for the 2020 Golden Globes is infamously hilarious, and still cackles people up with the sheer force of his bold sarcasm and digs at any and every celebrity out there. However, Gervais had a clear-cut answer for this fan.

Ricky Gervais’ response to being summoned for hosting the Oscars

Ricky Gervais hosting the 2020 Golden Globes
Ricky Gervais hosting the 2020 Golden Globes

A Ricky Gervais fan shared a video clip of The Office star hosting at the Golden Globes with the tweet,

“RT if you wish @rickygervais was hosting the #Oscars tonight.”

The man himself doesn’t seem to have any interest in taking up this stint as he blatantly replied, “**** that!” along with a laughing with-tears emoji.

The 61-year-old went on to call out the Oscars ceremony as he tweeted “Enjoy the Oscars” along with a video of him at another award show saying to the audience (who were of course people from the industry):

“Shut up, you disgusting, pill-popping ****** deviant scum.” 

Quite the gut the British comedian and actor has got indeed.

Jimmy Kimmel shared his preparations for hosting the Oscars 2023

Jimmy Kimmel at 2023 Oscars
Jimmy Kimmel at the 2023 Oscars

The man who did in fact host the Oscars this time was Jimmy Kimmel, and it was his third time hosting the prestigious award night. He shared with USA Today the preparation that went on in preparing for his stint at the 95th Academy Award. He said,

“I have been studying the martial arts since they asked me to host the show, so I think that’s what they’re referring to.”

The Jimmy Kimmel Live! host was clearly alluding to the highly controversial slapgate row that took place during last year’s Oscars. Will Smith slapping Chris Rock was obviously expected to be a front-running joke this year, and how could the host himself have refrained?

Will Smith-Chris Rock Oscar Slap
Will Smith-Chris Rock Oscar Slap

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The late-night show host went on to say,

“The truth of the matter is I am not ready for anything. I’m ready for some things, but anything that involves violence or me having to run, I’m very not ready. They had some kind of crisis management meeting where I guess they dream up scenarios that we might face, but no one has filled me in on any of that. So if there is a crisis, I’ll be the only one left in the dark.”

Thankfully, the night went on without any such hiccups and the only remembrances from this year’s Academy Award night would be wholesome moments.

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Source: Twitter, Marca
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