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How Strong is Silver Surfer? – [ Silver Surfer Powers ]


He’s been a character we haven’t spent nearly enough time talking about on the website. It also got me thinking, just how powerful is Silver Surfer? Well, he’s not a God, nor the most powerful being in his respective universe. but he’s definitely way up there on the list. I’ll get into more detail about silver surfers origin, and evolution when we give him a history of the article. But before revealing to you the Silver Surfer Powers. let me give you a brief overview of the character, Silver Surfer, first appeared at Fantastic Four issue 48 in 1966, during the coming of Galactus storyline his original name was Noir Radd, and he was born on the planet Zenn-la to an advanced alien race that had created a kind of utopia free of crime suffering or want of any kind is until the planet-eating mega beast Galactus arrived and threatened to consume Zenn-La.

Silver Surfer's Stregth
Credit: Marvel Comics

Norrin Radd confronts the world eater and manages to strike a deal agreeing, to act as his Herald and seek out new worlds for him to consume, in exchange for Galactus sparing Zenn-La. Galactus agrees and turns Radd into a nearly indestructible silver skin super beam with the ability to wield the power cosmic. The power cosmic is an incredibly powerful force with which, he has the power to manipulate and absorb the universe’s cosmic energies. Even to the point of navigating dimensional barriers hyperspace and time travel. But that’s just the start of it the power, cosmic gives the Silver Surfer a wide array of powers and abilities for instance. He has the ability to analyze and manipulate matter, at a subatomic level.


Silver Surfer using Power to escape Glactus

Even from light-years away, this allows them to deconstruct rearrange and even, transform the nature of an object and when I say object I mean small things you know like planet his ability, to command matter and energy in this way. Also allows them to phase easily through solid matter as well as heal or evolve organic life, I’m sure you guys are picking up on it but some of Silver Surfer Powers are almost godlike. In fact, Silver Surfer doesn’t require food water air or even sleep to survive he sustains himself entirely by converting matter into energy. That’s just nuts, people surfer can also author his own size both smaller or larger to unknown levels, and his ability to absorb seemingly limitless amounts of energy, allows him to absorb the power is from other beans manipulate gravity and fire massive energy blast powerful enough to destroy whole planets and create freakin’ black holes.


Silver Surfer Breaking Mountain

Speaking of black holes Silver Surfer is basically indestructible skin makes them immune to the vacuum of space as well as radiation, and extreme temperatures for example surfer is one of the few beings known in comics who can survive the force of a black hole he has also been known to dive into a star and come out completely. Unscathed no biggie lastly he can augment his already superhuman strength to basically unknown levels when needed. But again I’m just giving you a simple overview here the list goes on for days and that leads me to his famous and powerful board, that gave him his name the Silver Surfer. Basically, Silver Surfer’s board is made up of the same nearly indestructible and cosmic powered silver material that covers the Surfer’s skin.


It is also linked to the surfer telepathically causing it to move with his thoughts which allows them to control
independently, even from insanely long distances controlling the board mentally also allowed Silver Surfer to attack opponents with it remotely, and even temporarily absorb other beings inside the board. Surfer also uses the board to travel through the cosmos at near-limitless speeds. Ultimately what I’m saying is I want one like really bad anyway all of this power has been put on display numerous times since the Silver Surfer’s creation.


But I think the greatest example I can give you that demonstrates just how powerful Silver Surfer really would be how quickly and easily he defeated freaking Hulk and on more than one occasion, In ”Tales to Astonish” Issues 92 and 93. The Hulk came into conflict with the Silver Surfer over some nonsense and Surfer easily knocked the big green one on his backside by smacking them with his board, and when the Hulk got even
more annoyed Silver Surfer just used power cosmic to render him unconscious than in the Incredible Hulk issue 250. Silver Surfer asked the Hulk to help them break through the force field, that Galactus created to keep him on Earth.


But the whole just freaked out which understandably made Silver Surfer pretty pissed, so the seriously annoyed Silver Surfer literally removed all of the gamma radiation from Hulk’s body using the power cosmic leaving nothing but a cured Bruce Banner.  He was basically like you’re annoying me, you’re not the Hulk anymore considering that many people including myself consider the Hulk to be among the strongest characters in all of comics. I say that’s quite a statement. I also have to add that many of Silver Surfer powers and abilities have only been expanded and become even greater over the years. So, it’s not at all a stretch to say that we may have only seen a portion of what he can actually do, either way, Silver Surfer is a serious force to be reckoned with in the Marvel Universe.