Six Weird Things About Captain America That Make No Friggin Sense

Captain America is the symbol of the American hero. He is flawlessly patriotic, incredibly idealistic and honorable and is one of the nicest characters in a universe filled with villains and bad tempered superheroes. He was first introduced in 1941, and with his red white and blue shield, he gave hope to a nation engaged in bloody war. However, with all that said, it is not like Captain America is perfect. There are so many loopholes, flaws and nonsensical things that Marvel Comics as well as MCU has injected into the narrative of Steve Rogers that at some point, we have to ask what it all means or if all this really means anything. Anyway, here is a whole list of problems we have with Captain America:

1. Why does he crash his own plane in Avengers 1:

This has been a big question around Cap for a long time. After he has thrashed Red Skull and beaten his goons off and thrown off all the evil Hydra people off the plane, he also disposes off the bombs that are all marked in bright red paint for New York. He then proceeds to veer the plane off its planned destination. However, instead of grabbing a parachute and getting the hell out of there, or just jumping out since he was near impossible to hurt, he decided to crash the plane and lose 70 years of his life. Aside from saying that he really was afraid of going to dance with Peggy Carter, there is not much reason we can assign to his actions.

2. Age?:

When he became the super soldier after joining the army at 21(the age is 20 in the books) we do not see him grow up to be the 37 year old looking Chris Evans with the huge muscular frame. Even in the later movies, after he was thawed 70 years after the events of the Captain America’s first movie, he should still be 21. This is glossed over in all the movies. For all the wisdom and maturity displayed by the Cap, we should not forget that he is basically a child.

3. Pop references:

This is one of the strange things to put in the movies. When Black Widow and the Cap visit a defunct S.H.I.E.L.D base in New Jersey, Black Widow asks “Shall we play a game?” to which Rogers replies “Yeah, how about global thermonuclear war?”. It is indeed strange that Rogers knows Wargames but still hasn’t caught on to Star Trek or Star Wars. Also, who goes to visit his own museum after coming back from the dead 70 years post. Why not go to an actual museum to learn about what the world has seen instead of going to place you already know so much about?

4. How does Cap know Bucky killed the Starks’?

In the Civil War, Baron Zemo reveals to Tony Stark that his parents were in fact killed by Cap’s best friend and super soldier Bucky. Zemo in fact shows him a video to substantiate his claim. When Tony confronts Rogers about this and asks him if he knew, Cap just says yes. Two questions there – how did Rogers know and why did he not tell Stark before? Surely, this is information that Stark deserves to know no matter how bad the consequences will be for Bucky. Rogers could have tried to talk to his friend instead of replying with the cold yes, but then we would not have had the movie.

5. His Virating Shield
5. The Vibrating Shield:
This is one of the more nerdier mysteries around the Cap. His shield is shown to make noises from time to time. Also, according to Tony Stark, the shield is made of vibranium and absorbs almost all the energy impinging on it which is why it is nigh indestructible. However, if it absorbs all that befalls it, why does it make the air molecules around it vibrate which is how it makes a sound? Also, the paint is not vibranium so is there a person who constantly repaints the shield in the colors of the flag? Questions, questions!

6. The disguise hat:

Clark Kent has been made fun of constantly because the entire comics go as if a pair of regular classes will hide who he really his from the world. He does not wear a mask like Batman because he wants to look cool with his handsome face but it seems that a simple pair of glasses are enough to save his real world persona from the world. In case of Captain America, it is honestly worse. He wears a simple blue cap and the world can not separate Steve Rogers from the Cap. At best he puts on a pair of shades but the people in a museum that is full of pictures of him don’t seem to know any better. Only a little boy in the museum knows who he is and that is just so convenient.

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