‘Slide into his DMs’: Stranger Things Star Noah Schnapp Encourages Doja Cat To Pursue Joseph Quinn After Thirst Tweet

Hollywood celebrity Doja Cat has asked Stranger Things star, Noah Schnapp who plays Will Byers in the series to connect her with Joseph Quinn. Stranger Things is a hot topic these days because of the final two episodes that blew the minds, especially Joseph Quinn who played Eddie Munson in the series. Duffer Brothers created Stranger Things revolves around the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, where numerous supernatural events are happening that connect to “Upside Down.” However, the kids save the town with their friend who possesses supernatural abilities by fighting the creatures that belong to the other dimension.

Noah Schnapp, Joseph Quinn and Doja Cat
Noah Schnapp, Joseph Quinn, and Doja Cat

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Schapp shared an encounter with the 26-year-old singer on TikTok on Jul. 7, shared how she asked him to set her up with his co-star Quinn.

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In a video posted on Tik Tok, a fan’s screenshot shows up who tweeted a photograph of Quinn, penning, “Doja look how fine Joseph Quinn is, ” to which the singer responded, “It’s f*****g criminal.” Then another screenshot comes up in which Doja asked Noah to ‘hmu’ with Quinn, she wrote, “Noah can you tell Joseph to hmu? Wait no. Does he have a girlfriend?” 

Schnapp was amused by this question and gave her an idea, “LMAOO slide into his DMs.” However, she didn’t know his Instagram or Twitter, she responded, “He doesn’t have a DM to slide in.” The intelligent guy, Schnapp helped the singer by forwarding Quinn’s profile and telling the pop star, “Right here ma’am.”

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This video spread like fire having over 19 million views in just 24 hours.

Doja Cat Canceled Upcoming Plans After Tonsil Surgery

'Kiss Me More' Singer Doja Cat
‘Kiss Me More’ Singer Doja Cat

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Back in May 2022, singer Doja Cat announced on Twitter that she had surgery to remove an abscess from her left tonsil. She updated her fans through several posts explaining that her tonsils got infected before the Billboard Music Awards and later shared a post on Twitter announcing that must cancel her upcoming shows.

“Hi, guys. I wanted you to hear it from me first. Unfortunately I have to have surgery on my tonsils ASAP. The surgery is routine but the recovery is going to take a while due to swelling. That means I have to cancel my festival run this summer as well as The Weeknd tour,” she explained. “I feel horrible about this but can’t wait for this to heal and get back to making music and create an experience for y’all.”

Stranger Things is available on Netflix.

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