The 2018 Presidential Election had one of the most shocking outcomes till date: mac scientist and corporate giant Lex Luthor became the President of United States.

On the Smallville series, that is.

In the finale of the series, we see a jump to 2018, which revealed that Lex had been declared the winner of the Presidential campaign. Basically, it means that Lex would have been elected tonight.

While elections in the US happen in every four years, and while 2018 isn’t a Presidential election year, it isn’t uncommon for shows and films to fudge those numbers a bit.

All of this establishes a fact that politics shown in the show is obviously very different from our own word. Hilariously enough, Lex Luthor’s appearance on Supergirl is rumoured to feature him as running in elections for President. It all happened in 2000 when DC broke its tradition of featuring real-world politicians and declared Lex as the president of the United States.

The Luthor Presidency was short-lived in the comics but has been used a major plot point in DC’s animated feature films.

Luthor was also named the President in DC’s sitcom Powerless.

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