We have all grown up watching the hit DC TV show Smallville. For many, it was our first foray into the wonderful world of the DC Universe. Tom Welling, who played the lead character of Clark Kent aka Superman in the show, became a household phenomenon. The star has recently stirred up the DC fan base with a major announcement. He claims he wants to be the new Superman of DC Films opposite Robert Pattinson, who plays Batman in Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

Tom Welling was recently in an interview with El Mundo geek de Ernestoneitor. There he said something that was pretty wild but extremely interesting. He said he is more than open to play the new Superman of DC. But he would prefer it if they allowed him to portray the Man of Steel opposite Robert Pattinson’s rendition of the Dark Knight. but he also went on to say apart from Matt Reeves’ movie, he would be game to make a cameo as Superman even in the Arrowverse. He did mention CW’s The Flash at one point during the conversation.

He said and we quote:

“Yeah, I think that would be cool,” Tom Welling said. “My buddy Rob Pattinson, he is going to be the new Batman. I would love it. It would be fun to be the Superman that shows up in his movie, just because he is a friend of mine. Yeah, who knows?”


Smallville has been a cult classic even years after its last episode aired. It follows the adventures of a young Clark Kent (played by Welling) as he encounters other DC Superheroes in their yesteryears and many super villains in the making. The actor never officially wore the S crest on his chest apart from a rather short moment in the final moments of the very last episode. Smallville ran for 10 seasons, ending on a high note in 2011. The last time we saw Tom Welling as Superman was during the CW mega crossover event – Crisis On Infinite Earths.

Matt Reeves’ The Batman is poised to be a noir crime thriller intermixed with elements of suspense and horror. The Batman is set for release next year. The movie will take us to a Gotham City which only has had Batman operating within its premises for a mere two years. An inexperienced Batman will be pit against the hardened and seasoned criminals of Gotham City. The actions of a serial killer/psychopath named the Riddler forces the Caped Crusader to encounter corruption in Gotham. And evil rigged deep inside Gotham’s echelons come to light as all hell breaks loose.

Regarding the possibility of Tom Welling even appearing as Superman, let alone fight Batman in The Batman, the chances are pretty bleak. Superman is a huge character and DC would not let him go to waste on a simple cameo. But there are rumors that The Batman will not be set in mainstream DCEU continuity. It will be set in an alternate earth called Earth-2, a very bleak and grim reality. If that is the case, Tom Welling’s Superman cameo just might the ray of sunshine Th Batman could benefit from.

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