SNL Has A New Donald Trump And Fans Are Raving About It

A new actor was introduced in the role of Donald Trump during last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live. James Austin Johnson took over the role from none other than Alec Baldwin in the cold open, which also had NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers appearing on a Fox News show. Johnson’s Trump also went on to take a shot at Marvel’s Eternals, which happens to be the latest release by Marvel Studios. The film also has the lowest Rotten Tomatoes score of any MCU film to date. “You know with Eternals, it was too diverse and no one wants to see that. The movie’s rotten, just ask the tomatoes,” he says.

SNL Has A New Donald Trump

Austin's Donald Trump on SNL
Austin’s Donald Trump on SNL

“I just wanted to congratulate Glenn Youngkin, and mostly myself, on a tremendous victory in Virginia. You know what, Glenn, we did it together,” Johnson’s Trump said on the show.

“Oh, you don’t have to say that,” Moffat’s Youngkin said while alongside Trump on a split-screen.

Johnson’s Trump said “it’s great to be here, Judge Judy, and it’s great to be, frankly, winning again. Oh, we love to win, and you know what, you’re gonna see a lot more winning where that came from. Let me tell you. You’re gonna see it a lot.”

Stepping into the shoes of someone like Alec Baldwin is definitely not an easy task. Being a recognizable actor from the industry, Baldwin’s impersonation of Donald Trump was an SNL fixture throughout the last two election cycles and also, the entire Trump presidency. Baldwin had retired from the role on SNL after Joe Biden won the elections.

However, it seems like Johnson has won the hearts of the audiences too quickly. The actor is being praised for his performance on social media and we have gathered some of the best reactions below.

The best tweet, ever! Alec Baldwin, who?!

The most convincing act on SNL, ever?

Too good looking to be Trump!

This guy has nailed it.

Better than Baldwin

Hmm, this is pretty good!


Word Salad.

Crushing Donald Trump like never

Killing it

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