Snoop Dogg Raises Salary of Personal Blunt Roller Due To Inflation, Fans Ask ‘How Do We Apply?’

Famous American rapper Snoop Dogg, who is well known for his cannabis use, recently revealed on Twitter that he increased the salary of his “full-time blunt roller” to keep up with the rapid increase in the US economy’s inflation rate. The personal blunt roller’s only task is to roll blunts for Snoop Dogg as he doesn’t get the time to do it himself.

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Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg raises the pay for his blunt roller owing to inflation

Snoop Dogg recently responded to a tweet by UberFacts

UberFacts tweeted suggesting that Snoop Dogg’s full-time blunt roller earns a salary of between $40,000 and $50,000 (£32,000 – £40,000) to which he responded “Inflation. Their salary went up!!”.

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His fans immediately responded to the tweet

His fans flooded him with hundreds of pictures of blunts asking if the rapper is looking for another blunt roller. Here are some of the best replies:

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Why does he need a blunt roller?

Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg

Back in 2019, he appeared on Howard Stern Show and he said he hired a professional full-time blunt roller. Stern asked “Is this a guy that is specifically hired by you?” the rapper replied: “That’s his J-O-B – his occupation. On his resume, it says, ‘what do you do? I’m a blunt roller. P-B-R, professional blunt roller,” adding that free marijuana and clothes come with the job. He said, “If you’re great at something I need, I’m hiring you.” The rapper apparently doesn’t get the time to do this task himself.

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Snoop Dogg talked about his blunt roller’s “superpower”

Seth Rogan and Snoop Dogg
Seth Rogan and Snoop Dogg on the Howard Stern Show in 2019

Snoop Dogg appeared on the show alongside famous actor Seth Rogen and both talked about the blunt roller’s “superpower” where he could see if you needed a blunt and would provide you with it: “He knows how to gauge the look on someone’s face when it seems like they want a blunt and if they do, he gives you one.”

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