Snowdrop: Disney+ Series Actress Kim Mi-soo Dies at 29!

The South Korean entertainment industry is mourning the loss of an actress today. Reports surfacing overseas confirm that Kim Mi-soo has passed away at 29 years old. This news came via her agency which informed fans that Kim died on Wednesday, leaving her loved ones shocked and “grief-stricken”.

Kim Mi-soo
Kim Mi-soo

If you don’t know who Kim is, the actress is best known for her work in Snowdrop, a Korean drama on Disney+. Kim plays an important role in the show, while also appearing in other series like Kyungmi’s World, Lipstick Revolution, and more. At the moment, Kim was working on an upcoming Disney+ K-drama series called Kiss Six Sense. Now, the filming has been temporarily halted due to her tragic death.

While announcing her death, Kim’s agency Landscape stated that sorrow doesn’t cover the way this loss feels. “The bereaved family is currently very heartbroken by the sudden mournful news. The bereaved are deep in their sorrow at the sudden sadness,” the staff shared.

Kim Mi-soo on Disney+
Kim Mi-soo in Snowdrop on Disney+

“We sincerely ask you to refrain from making up rumors or speculative reports so that the bereaved family, who are in shock and grief-stricken, can reverently commemorate the deceased. As per her family’s wishes, the funeral will be held quietly in private. Please wish for Kim Mi-soo to rest in peace, and once again, we offer our deepest condolences to the deceased.”

For those who haven’t seen Snowdrop, the drama series on Disney+ stars Jung Have-in and Jisoo of BlackPink. The duo lead the series set in 1987, a pivotal year in South Korea due to its numerous political shifts. When Eun Young-ro finds an unconscious Lim Soo-ho on the streets, the graduate student brings the man to her dorm to recover. The two continue their relationship as the country’s political landscape change around them, causing some of their secrets to threaten to overthrow their evolving romance.

While Kim played a supporting role in the series, the show will now act as her final on-screen project. The drama series has already completed its filming, although no word has been given on whether any of her work will be edited in the future due to her death. For now, all we can do is honor the actress in her death by sharing their tributes as they mourn the loss.

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