Was it Fault of the Mishaps or an Unseen Tension

Snyder’s expected Dawn saw Cessation

Didn't went as expected
We all Expected too much or it under-performed?

Reuniting the core cast (Man of Steel) along with introducing some of the prominent characters like Batman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, and Alfred Pennyworth, which turned Snyder’s movie into a fully-fledged DCU. There is a ton of content to enjoy about Snyder’s vision, and the ongoing campaign to release the Justice League Snyder proves how strongly the DCEU resonates with some. But it’s impossible to deny that Batman Vs Superman landed very distant from where Warner Bros was aiming.

Here goes the list of problems

Here goes the list of problems..
Some Mishaps leading to Poor Performance

Most films live or die by the strength of their plot, and striking the proper balance of simplicity and complexity may be a coveted art that few superhero movies get precisely right. Still, this story is an over-complicated and incoherent tangle of convenience, coincidence, and assumption. Also, the clunky setup makes the ultimate battle between the Kryptonian and, therefore, the Bat somewhat underwhelming. Snyder misses that the purpose of the comic feud was genuine dislike due to two vastly different methods of fighting crime. It’s slightly ironic that “Martha” is by no means Batman Vs. Superman‘s biggest fault, but it had been perhaps the straw the broke the audience’s back. After 2 hours of DC’s greatest heroes simmering to a moderate boil, the payoff decided by pure coincidence.

The war Snyder and Warner Bros

Was this war between Snyder and Warner Bros
Who’s the culprit behind the performance?

Batman Vs. Superman is that the film liable for perpetuating the thought that the DCEU may be a humorless dirge of grimaces and grayscale, but the film perhaps isn’t as grave as some might suggest. Martha’s response when Batman rescues her and identifies himself as Clark’s friend gets a real chuckle. Modern superhero movies take two distinct routes, but Batman V Superman tries to try and do a touch of both, and it’s clear from the off that the two don’t mix. The matter perhaps comes back to Warner Bros.’ rush for a cinematic universe crossover. If the DCEU was afforded longer to seek out its feet, Snyder might’ve found a happy medium before Batsy and Supes ever came to blows.

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