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The savior of Soji
A still of Jean-Luc aka Patrick Stewart

Soji can be seen to be working hard on finding out what the future of artificial life forms holds in the United Federation of Planets. She is also learning new and better things about herself, which she was before unaware of. Soji seems to be part of the latest generation of synthetics. This was built by Dr. Bruce Maddox. Soji believed that she was made somewhere around 37 months before the actual Star Trek: Picard.

I am here to help you, Soji!!!

A heart warming conversation between Soji and Jean-Luc
A glimpse of Soji and Jean-Luc

However, she thought her real identity was that of Dr. Soji Asha. Soji was seen as a member of the Borg Reclamation Project. Later, it was observed that Narek harassed and tortured her to reveal the real truth behind her homeworld. It was Jean-Luc who played the role of a savior and saved her from the torture by Narek. Jean-Luc promised that he would leave Soji back to her home.

Somebody get me out of here!!!

The dreaded night between Narek and Soji
A still from Star Trek: Picard

This entire incident makes it now even more difficult for Soji to trust Picard. However, Soji then gives a chance to trust Picard. This leads to an emotional conversation between the two, which will be the most favorite scene of everyone. Their discussion was related to what kind of relationship did Data and Picard share. Soji had the ability to access the memories of data.

It can be seen that over time there has been a change in Soji’s personality. Have a look at the following video,

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