Some Eligible Superhero Candidates From MCU Who Could Get An R-Rated Film

James Gunn thinks that some characters from the MCU will eventually lead towards making an R-rated movie. But who all are eligible for such a quest?

MCU Would Come Up With R-Rated Films

Director James Gunn is quite sure that sooner or later some MCU superheroes will make an R-rated movie. With that being said, Marvel is well-versed for its family-friendly style as the films mostly target a PG-13 rating and that’s it. However, the director of Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn, who also directed The Suicide Squad truly believes that the franchise will soon be going to step up into the R-rated genre films.

Not ‘Guardians’ though,” Gunn clarified, “because ‘Guardians’ are family movies, so it’s different. People are like, ‘Finally, they let you do R rating. What would ‘Guardians’ be like if that was R-rated?’ I’m like, ‘But it’s not.”

Precisely, franchises and production houses always thrives to come up with more R-Rated movies. However, irrespective of the immense success of Daredevil (R-rated), it became hype after the release of Deadpool (2016). In this regard, Gunn’s theory is correct that not every character is made to deliver a successful R-rated film/project. He also claimed that the R-rating worked pretty much good for Deadpool because it suited the character’s personality as well and not just the movie.

With that said, these are the most eligible candidates from the MCU who could get an R-rated superhero movie in the future –


Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in Deadpool (2016)
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in Deadpool (2016)

The Deadpool movies have proved that the character is a right fit to play an R-rated movie. Even Kevin Feige from Marvel Studios has confirmed that Deadpool 3 will be an R-rated film. Thus, it will bring a new type of character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With that said, the production of Deadpool 3 is expected to begin in 2022 while the release date is yet to show up.


Wolverine in Marvel Comics
Wolverine in Marvel Comics

He is the most profitable character Marvel ever had, making it preferably a right fit to get an R-rated film. Wolverine has the most significant weapons that can even cut through flesh and bones easily. Some of his battles in the comic world have been decently brutal. In this regard, Fox once tried to test Wolverine’s potential to play in an R-rated movie and they experimented it with Mangold’s Logan. The film grossed somewhere around $600 million in the box office, which proved that the character is quite eligible and ready to play in a solo R-rated project.

The Punisher

The Punisher (1989)
The Punisher (1989)

While the Punisher is not exactly a superhero, The Punisher (1989) was Marvel’s first R-rated vigilante. He is more of a serial killer, killing countless criminals who come across his way. The character is quite naturally fit to play in an R-rated project for the Marvel-Netflix world. Reportedly, Marvel Studios is soon going to bring Charlie Cox as Daredevil and for fans, it would be really intriguing to see Bernthal playing the role.

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