We live in the digital era where posting, commenting, sharing, and reviewing is a norm. The reviews can be both of love and hatred. But in both ways, they help us making our minds whether or not to buy that product. There is nothing more powerful for a consumer than leaving behind a review, be it for any company. Reviews are one thing that every consumer reads before buying a product or services online. Barely anyone is there who does not take these reviews seriously.

 But there is a whole new world when it comes to Amazon movie reviews. Because on this platform, even the best ones are also receiving 1 star. Luckily a Twitter page named “Amazon Movie Reviews” has collected all of the funniest reviews and noted them down with all honesty. 


  • While watching the movie Manchester by the Sea, this woman writes, “If I had to spend two hours watching a man who refuses to evolve, I could have lunch with the father of my children.”
Manchester by the sea
  • After watching The Silence Of The Lambs, this person cracks everyone up by saying, “ Absolutely HORRIFIED! thought it was a claymation movie with lambs! I got confused with ‘Shaun The Sheep.’ My three-year-old hasn’t said anything since watching this movie ”. 
The silence of the lambs
  • Everyone knows Star Wars: Episode 4 – A New Hope was a big success on the big screen, but this person was just not happy about it as he is calling it a straight-up 70s movie.
Star Wars
  • Well, giving five stars and writing this review seems like he has severe mood swings.
A bug’s life
  • No doubt, The Wolf Of The Wall street was an excellent movie with the exceptional performance of Leonardo DiCaprio; this man was just not satisfied. 
The Wolf of Wall Street
  • We are sure that no one else had this thought while watching Titanic.
  • Well, he is right. The Jungle Book is not the correct name.
The jungle book
  • This man talking about Taken 3 might not have a good movie taste but a good sense of humor.
Taken 3
  • The Shinning was a horror movie, and this person did not want to accept it. 
The Shinning
  • This person definitely took the Frozen movie way too seriously.

This concludes our list. What are your thoughts about it?

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