Some Of The Most Ideal Masks In Movie History

“It’s Party Time! P-A-R-T-WhY? Because I Gotta!” – The Mask.

Since the time when entertainment became popular among people worldwide, masks have been a part of it in all forms.
They were literally the first, if not the very first tools that us humans used for storytelling purpose as well as for performances.
Globally nearly every cultivation has ever been used some of the other kind of mass to exaggerate a situation.
For example, be it around a campfire, or on a stage, or to be used in various protests.
These masks have been used during movies in several genre, like sci-fi films, horror movies, and even thriller ones.
Some of these masks leave a significant mark on the hearts of the viewers than others.
Some of these film masks stand the test of time and even become as iconic as the characters that wore them.
From superhero masks to the masks that the fictional serial killers wear to hide their identity, our list’s masks are some of the most memorable masks from some historical movies from the hollywood industry.
Moreover, 2020 was a year where people worldwide had to wear a mask to protect themselves from the pandemic Covid-19.
Although covid tought us the real value of life it changed the way of our lifestyle.
Not only that, it made some of us feel like superheroes by wearing a mask while going out, and though 2020 has ended, the corona hasn’t so don’t stop wearing a mask while stepping out.
Coming back to the topic we at Animated Times have compiled a list of 15 of the best masks from some of the most notable movies in the history of films.
So sit back and hop on with us on the avalanche of various masks.

1.  V’s Guy Fawkes Mask – V for Vendetta:


2. Darth Vader’s Hood – Star Wars films:


3. Batman’s Cowl – Batman films:


4. Jason Voorhees’s Hockey Mask – Friday the 13th:


5. Ghostface Mask – Scream films:


6. Stormtrooper Helmet – Star Wars films:


7. Spider-Man’s Mask – Spider-Man films:


8. Iron Man’s Helmet – Iron Man and Avenger films:


9. Hannibal Lecter’s Mouth Guard – Silence of the Lambs:

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10. Mike Myers’s William Shatner Mask – Halloween:


11. Loki Mask – The Mask:


12. Bane – The Dark Knight Rises:


13. The Joker’s Heist Mask – The Dark Knight:


14. Maximus’s Helmet – Gladiator:


15. Predator Helmet – The Predator and Alien vs. Predator:

So here are 15 Of The Most Ideal Masks In Movie History. 

We hope that you must have had a jolt of disquieting while seeing these fantastic masks.

Which among these is your favorite mask? 

Do let us known and why.

Mine is The Joker’s Heist Mask and The Mask from the mask movie.

Do let us known your favorite mask among these down below.

Till then, for more sensational content related to Pop culture, Movies, TV Shows, and whatnot, keep reading Animated Times.

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