“Some of them will surprise you”: Gerard Piqué’s Close Friend Hints Shakira Might Have Cheated on Footballer Forcing Him to Opt Retirement Due to Becoming the ‘Bad Guy’ in Media

The announcement of Gerard Piqué’s retirement rocked the football world Thursday. Known as one of the best central defenders of the last decade, the Barcelona player announced his retirement through social media. Despite everyone’s expectations, his teammates and the media were shocked to hear the news. It is unusual for an athlete to retire in the middle of the season, in November, but it makes sense when you consider the reasons. It is rare for these decisions to be made midway through a campaign unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Gerard Pique
Gerard Pique during a match for Barcelona

In light of this, Gerard Piqué’s ongoing divorce proceedings with Shakira could have contributed to his early retirement. The Catalan player, however, had several other reasons for making this decision. It’s true that he has been viewed as the bad guy and labeled unfaithful.

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Gerard Piqué’s Close Friend Hints Surprising Details

Among the people who have a great relationship with Gerard Piqué is the journalist Jordi Baste. Despite few expectations, the journalist dropped a bombshell in his statements to El Nacional.cat.

Baste stated,

Gerard Piqué has not talked about his separation from Shakira.”

“In three months, he has become the bad guy in the movie, and we shouldn’t say anything until we know all the details. Because in life, everything has nuances. And some of them will surprise you.”

Although we do not know exactly what details will surprise us, Baste left us with a hint that might surprise us.

He reported, “Maybe it’s the opposite of how it has been explained, especially when it refers to his personal life.”

Shakira and Pique
Shakira and Piqué

Shakira‘s relationship with Piqué could have been unfaithful. Jordi Baste has commented that the story has been retold backward. Is this why? Or is he referring to the Colombian wanting to leave Spain and move to Miami without consulting Piqué? In the coming days, there could be much new information as the journalist has opened Pandora’s box. Meanwhile, Piqué will devote more time to his business empire after retiring.

Other reasons were that the club allegedly wanted him to leave due to his hefty salary and to make room for new signings. In this situation, Piqué personally informed Joan Laporta that he tried to leave the club to avoid a worsening situation.

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Shakira And Gerard Piqué’s Marital Struggles

Gerard Pique and Shakira
Gerard Piqué and Shakira

The footballer’s recent split from Shakira has not helped his situation. As a result of his alleged infidelity and subsequent relationship with Clara Chia Marti, his personal life has made headlines. It appears that Shakira has already composed two songs criticizing him.

In addition, Piqué has been hurt by the custody battle over their children. Piqué would miss out on seeing his children if Shakira moved permanently to the United States, which hurts him deeply. Despite his desire to stay in Barcelona, he will not be willing to leave his family behind.

Besides football, Piqué has recently been preoccupied with his burgeoning business empire. The Davis Cup was organized while his team was playing, something that disappointed the fans, and he has invested in various other companies.

He promises to return in his farewell video “sooner or later,” which brings him very close to the presidency. Many rumors have suggested that Piqué could be the club’s president after he retires.

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Source: Marca

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