Some Theories About ‘Squid Game’ That Make A Lot Of Sense

When Squid Game premiered on Netflix, it took the internet by storm. But as the first season ended, the viewers had more questions than just the answers.

Here are some of the best theories about Squid Game that highly makes sense. These fit right with some plot holes and add a more interesting angle to the universe.

Jun-Ho Is Still Alive

Jun-Ho in Squid Game
Jun-Ho in Squid Game

In Squid Game, the Front Man stabs Jun-Ho in the shoulder. While he could have killed him, he fired just one bullet that could not be that fatal. The Front Man revealed that he had no issue with killing his staff but hits Jun-Ho in the shoulder. As a result, he could have got injured and not dead.

Il-Nam Was About To Exit The Game

Il-Nam in Squid Game
Il-Nam in Squid Game

Many fans believed that there were plenty of players who wanted to quit the game before the marble round. While the game took place in pairs, there was one odd man who left out, he was Il-Nam. He would have got dragged off without any questions just before the VIPs’ arrival. But due to Gi-Hun’s unpredictability, the plan failed. As a result, Il-Nam failed to make a smooth exit.

Players’ Death Got Foreshadowed

Kang Sae-Byeok, Cho-Sang, Jang Deok-Su, and Abdul Ali in Squid Game
Kang Sae-Byeok, Cho-Sang, Jang Deok-Su, and Abdul Ali in Squid Game

What did all the main characters do right after leaving and reentering the game?

  • Kang Sae-Byeok was threatened to hit someone’s throat and ended up getting stabbed in the throat.
  • Cho Sang-Woo tried to get unalive and ended up getting unalive in a suit.
  • Jang Deok-Su killed someone and jumped off the bridge; got offed by some other contestant while falling off from the same bridge.
  • Abdul Ali snatched something valuable from a contestant and ran away and got taken something valuable in return, later, and stabbed.

Some Games Took Place Internationally

Squid Game is available to stream on Netflix
Squid Game is available to stream on Netflix

Two VIPs during Episode 7 comments –

The games this edition have been amazing.

Right. The contest in Korea was the best.

Thus, it looks like the Squid Game organization could be international. Else, why would the VIPs mention Korea? It looks like there are some other teams and contestants to compare and face-off against.

It is highly possible that if Squid Game 2 releases, it could include a USA division as well or probably a UK division, and so on. It highly makes sense as the organization is very powerful.

Who Are The VIPs

A scene from Squid Game season finale
A scene from Squid Game season finale

What if the employee who meets with Gi-Hun in the final episode is actually associated with the organization? A clue to this theory is hidden in a dialog where the employee states “VIPs like you.” At a point in the game, it was mentioned that the VIPs spectate the game as they don’t have anything to do with their money. However, it doesn’t mean that every game-winner could be a VIP or vice versa. More evidence to this theory accumulates from the fact that Jun-Ho’s brother, who was once a contender in the game, became the Front Man.

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