“Someone needs to step in and help her”: Jessica Simpson’s Alarming Weight Loss at 42 Concerns her Fans

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of speculation about the weight and physical appearance of celebrities. This is especially true given the multiple instances in which this has harmed people’s mental health in the past. However, Jessica Simpson’s friends are becoming increasingly worried about her as a recent batch of images featuring the celebrity showed a noticeable loss of weight. Following RadarOnline’s publication of the story about her in which her close friends expressed concern over her drastically reduced body weight, she has drawn criticism on social media as well.

Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson

RadarOnline reports that the I Wanna Love You Forever singer’s close friends are growing increasingly concerned about how much weight she has lost after giving birth to her third baby. Also, according to sources, her family is even “extremely worried about her” after seeing new pictures of the singer-turned-fashion mogul, who appears to be skinnier than ever at the age of 42.

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She has lost so much weight that it has even drawn the attention of her fans. 

Fans ‘extremely worried’ about Jessica Simpson’s alarming weight loss

The Jingle Bell Rock singer previously disclosed that she reached her highest weight of 240 pounds while carrying her daughter Birdie Mae. Speaking of hard work, Jessica significantly increased her fitness regimen in order to get back in shape following a challenging pregnancy with her third child. Beyond the obvious effects, giving birth frequently causes a significant change in a woman’s body, which can result in weight loss.

Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson on People’s OBSESSION with Her Weight

But in response to negative online comments, Simpson’s personal trainer, Harley Pasternak, argues that Simpson is managing her weight loss and change in form in a healthy manner.

Her apparent weight loss has alarmed some of her fans, who have also shared their opinions on it. 

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One concerned fan commented on her recent photo, “What woman fits into clothes she wore as a child at 42, with three children?”

“Someone needs to step in and help her.”

In response to comments made by concerned fans, Jessica Simpson attacked them for their “judgments”. The 42-year-old I Belong to Me singer alarmed her fans after a dramatic 100-pound weight loss. In a lengthy post posted alongside a video uploaded to Instagram, she made mention of “destructive noise” and “people’s comments and judgments.”

She emphasized the line “I don’t give a f**k about you” as she sang the lyrics to her 2020 song Party of One.

Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson

She continued by stating that she had been alcohol-free for five years and that she “CAN and ALWAYS WILL get through [problems]”.

“I am capable of pretty much anything I care enough about to put my mind to,” Simpson continued. She continued by talking about her appearance, which has come up in conversation among fans as a result of her eight-stone weight loss. 

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Simpson concluded by giving her followers some “little advice,” advising them to “live inside your dreams and move through them.”

Well, kudos to Baby, It’s Cold Outside singer for all her hard work!

Source- Radar Online

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